Why Sports Performance Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Makes You A Better Athlete

If something goes wrong Re-Claim has your back: whether it’s coverage for hospitalisation, equipment, overseas treatment and second opinion. But when you’re lying in bed recovering from a sports accident, only a true athlete knows how hard the road to redemption is. 

Re-Claim’s sports accident insurance plan is truly unique in that we offer sports specific rehabilitation to get you back on track. While your standard medical insurance offers basic rehab programmes, we take your coverage to the next level, providing sports performance physiotherapy and rehab, so all your needs as an elite athlete are met.

The reason why? As sportsmen and women, our musculoskeletal and neuromuscular systems react differently to the various requirements of each sport, meaning generic rehab — in particular physiotherapy — does not pinpoint the exact conditioning our bodies need to guide us back to peak sports performance for that particular sport or event.

This is where our friends at Kuala Lumpur Sports Medicine Centre (KLSMC) come into play. KLSMC offers a modern gymnasium and exercise programmes specially tailored for each patient plus expert advice from specialised physiotherapists who can recommend the most appropriate physiotherapy for each patient.

They know post-operative physical therapy or post non-surgical treatment is the most crucial phase of your recovery, so they’ll take all the necessary steps to condition your correct muscles, tendons and joints.

Their list of therapies include:

  1. Manual Therapeutic Techniques
  2. Electrotherapeutic Modalities
  3. Therapeutic Exercise Programming
  4. Sports Specific Rehabilitation

But don’t just take our word for it. Here’s KLSMC’s Genevieve Chan with four reasons why sports performance physiotherapy and rehab is essential for you:

a) Certain sports need a muscle to be strong eccentrically but another may need the same muscle to be strong concentrically. Only sport specific physiotherapy can help train these muscles to perform in this manner.

b) At certain times, we need to cause a relative imbalance in the muscle pull to allow best performance in specific sports. Particular manipulation by a specialist familiar with the sport is needed.

c) Certain sports need more emphasis on flexibility of an area of the body, but another may need strength and control of the same area instead.

d) Certain sports need more emphasis on stability in an area of the body while another needs more range.

Of course, we’re not suggesting you overlook the importance of fundamental rehab work as it is the foundation to build on, but according to Genevieve, sports specific therapy is the best way for athletes to prevent wear and tear and inefficiency.

Re-Claim’s sport specific therapy via KLSMC is designed to facilitate the process of your recovery from sports injury back to your normal sports specific fitness prior to your injury to as normal a condition as possible.

Check in with your current insurance provider to see if you are covered for sports specific physiotherapy and rehabilitation.

Register at www.re-claim.com today to learn more about our unique Re-Claim benefits including our partnership with KLSMC.

You can view all Re-Claim Sports Insurance plans by visiting www.bestsportsdoctors.com

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