As the new year approaches we look at the trends most likely to gain momentum in fitness in 2017.


Wearable Technology

Sales on items such as fitness trackers, pedometers and heart rate monitors will continue to soar in 2017.


Bodyweight Training

Fitness in 2017

We believe more and more people will be staying at home rather than paying large gym membership fees this year. You can perform effective exercises that can increase lean muscle mass without using fancy equipment. Simple push up and sit up variations as well as planks and other home exercises are a great alternative. They’re also perfect for lunchtime workouts and when you are travelling.



Fitness in 2017

Check out HIIT2fit @ Publika with Chris Kha Khrang

The need for a fast workout is growing and High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is the perfect solution. You can burn more calories in 20 to 30 minutes than you can in a two hour jog. Check out HIIT2fit in Publika run by #TeamReClaim’s Chris Kha Khrang. Their classes combines the benefits of high performance training and live heart rate tracking into a truly fun group-based workout suitable for all fitness levels.


Educated & Experienced Fitness Professionals

With injuries becoming more prevalent, the need for fitness professionals who are educated in exercise science and movement will increase in the next 12 months. Finding someone who can create a science-backed programme to reduce your risk of injury is important.


Strength Training

Fitness in 2017 strength training

The appeal of strength training for both men and women and people of all ages is growing. Strength training is crucial to keeping our bodies healthy, especially as we age as it preserves muscle mass and increases our metabolism.


Group Training

Fitness in 2017

Everyone loves a bit of fun and group training is the perfect way to stay motivated and reach your fitness goals.


Exercise Is Medicine

People are starting to realise the best remedy to illness is exercise. Exercise is proven to improve your memory, sleep, strength and flexibility, work performance, energy levels, immune system and can reduce your chances of heart disease and cancer.



Fitness in 2017 Yoga Ropes

Yoga has gained in popularity in Malaysia over the last five to ten years and will continue to see beginners and veterans roll out the mat. Like the point above, yoga is great for improving quality of sleep and relieving stress.


Personal Training

Keep a watch on the number of new gyms and personal trainers around Malaysia. We believe the sport, fitness and exercise industry will take off in the next 12 months with numerous athletes and fitness professionals starting various PT businesses.


Exercise & Weight Loss

It’s no new fact that nutrition and exercise are vital to weight loss. As a result, we believe more and more people will be conscious of remaining healthy. Finding an activity that can improve your aerobic capacity and physical health, as well as being fun, is the key.


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*List based on research from American College of Sports Medicine

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