What Is Re-Claim?

Linora Low — “I wish I had Re-Claim three years ago”


You’ve read our blog on SECOND MEDICAL OPINION FOR SPORTS INJURIES through the experiences of everyday athletes. Now it’s time to hear the real benefits of our BestDoctors™ service right from the horse’s mouth.

#TeamReClaim star Linora Low — Radio Jock, Emcee, TV Host and Fitness Personality — is one hell of an athlete, totally dedicated to a fit and healthy lifestyle.

But back in 2013, it all came to a shuddering halt when she suffered a debilitating lower back injury. Linora was completely restricted in her movement, affecting her work, career and life. “I was out for six months. I hated it,” she said.

She consulted specialist after specialist, but still found no answer. Looking back, she wish she had access to Re-Claim’s Best Doctors™ for a second opinion.


Best Doctors™ provides several services to help you make the right medical decisions:

Your diagnosis and treatment plan is reviewed in detail by a leading medical expert. The expert provides a comprehensive report, either confirming the diagnosis or recommending a change.
You get expert answers about a diagnosis, treatment or a health condition.
You can submit medical questions online to one of Best Doctors’ carefully selected world leading medical experts and receive an answer within 48 hours.


Who are these leading medical experts, you say?

BestDoctors™ has an independent team of medical specialists who are the leading experts in treating sports injuries in their field and for some, they even provide world-leading medical advice to professional athletes and teams around the world including US Major League teams and the New Zealand All-Blacks rugby team.


How awesome is that?

Re-Claim gets you FREE and EXCLUSIVE access to Best Doctors™ services via the member portal. Contact with a consultant over the phone or the via the Internet is super easy and saves precious time and money with appointments.

Normally, access to this amazing service is RM200 for one consultation, but with your Re-Claim membership it’s totally FREE. available to you as many times as you need it, throughout the duration of your plan. 

Think about it? You’ll be purchasing one of three Sports Accidents Insurance Plans with Re-Claim and for the unique benefit of a few of phone calls to Best Doctors™ your investment is covered.

Had Linora had access to this, she says she would have been off her couch and back in the gym, chasing her goals in no time.


How the Ask The Expert process works?

+ You call BestDoctors™ with your concern(s).
+ A member of the BestDoctors™ clinical team has an in-depth discussion with you and gather necessary medical information.
+ Your questions and medical information are sent to a medical expert for review.
You receive a report with the expert’s answers within 5-7 days, including suggestions for treatment options.

It’s as simple as that. No hassle, no stress, no concerns. You’ll return to the gym or playing field the happiest guy or gal on the planet. They offer other services too, like Doctor Online and In-Depth Medical Review consultation.

Just call 1800 818 034                                                                                                                              For more information about our second medical opinion service CLICK HERE  

Team Re-Claim — #WeGotYourBack


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