What Is Re-Claim?  Kimberley Chai — “Don’t make rookie mistakes”

You’ve read our blog on why sports performance physiotherapy and rehabilitation makes you a better athlete. Now, it’s time to hear first hand just how bad the consequences are if you don’t have access to rehabilitation following an injury.

#TeamReClaim athlete Kimberley Chai — elite trainer, model and competitive freediver — has dedicated her life to fitness.

Her journey began in the gym and it’s since taken her down paths she never thought were possible: bodybuilding, powerlifting, Latin ballroom dancing, fitness pole dancing, aerial hoops and artistic gymnastic.

Her philosophy is: “If you don’t try something how would you ever know what your body is capable of?”

In 2015, she took up freediving, one of the oldest extreme sports in the world. She now competes internationally for Malaysia, pushing her limits and going beyond them.

Of course, not everything goes to plan and in the early days of her training, Kimberley tore her trapezius.

“How long was I out? 30 days, 60 days … well, let’s just say my rehab was for over a year,” she says.

The injury not only had a major impact on her training, but also her career. Looking back, she wished she was with Re-Claim — Malaysia’s next-level, comprehensive sports accident insurance plan.

Most insurances in Malaysia only cover you for physiotherapy and rehabilitation from the day you are released from the hospital up to 90 days. In rare scenarios this may be 120 days. For Kimberley, this was not enough. She was left to pay for the rest of her treatment herself.

At Re-Claim, we don’t roll like that. We go with you where other insurances won’t.

If you suffer an injury and are recommended by your doctor to undergo rehab which is medically necessary following medical or surgical treatment, Re-Claim will cover your bill up to 180 days after you are released from hospital. That’s three months extra!

That’s up to 180 days coverage for sports performance physiotherapy and rehabilitation 

All you need to do is submit a copy of the referral letter and we’ll take care of the rest.

How awesome is that?

Had Kimberley had access to this, she would have received her treatment faster. Instead, her rehabilitation dragged on, meaning she was still on the sidelines some 12 months later.

“I didn’t know Re-Claim back then, but now I do. Don’t make that rookie mistake,” she says.

Re-Claim’s “180-day extended cover” is as simple as that. No hassle, no stress, no concerns. You’ll return to the gym, pool or playing field the happiest guy or gal on the planet.

For more information on all Re-Claim’s unique benefits head to http://www.re-claim.com/

Team Re-Claim — #WeGotYourBack

For more information on all Re-Claim’s unique benefits head to


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