If there’s ever been a hardcore athlete to epitomise Re-Claim it’s our next #TeamReClaim member, National triathlete and explorer Shahrom Abdullah.

Let us explain!

Our Re-Claim promo video states:

“You run, you swim, you cycle, you sweat. You climb, you ride, you endure, you trek. You win, you lose, you push, you pull. You rise, you fall, you reach, you stretch.”

Well, for our superman Shahrom, he does most of this in just one hour — 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

In fact, Shahrom has competed in so many events, won so many medals and broken so many records, you could be forgiven for thinking Re-Claim is his idea.

He’s run further than most Malaysians, swum further than most Malaysians, cycled further than most Malaysians and travelled to more countries than most Malaysians. Heck, he’s even skied 1000km to the South Pole —unlike any other Malaysian.

Yes, that’s right! In January this year, Shahrom became the first Malaysian to conquer the South Pole on skis, trekking and skiing for 37 days (it usually takes 50-60 days) from Messner Inlet to 90°S.

His only injury? “I got a bit of frostbite on my right cheek,” he told newspapers. His response? “I had to rub some hot water on it. I couldn’t feel anything because of it,” revealing a scar.

What a legend!

Shahrom Abdullah

At Re-Claim, we offer comprehensive sports accident insurance for adventurers, explorers and international competitors, ensuring they are covered for overseas evacuation and treatment, repatriation back home, damaged or lost equipment and even hazardous sports like SKIING TO THE SOUTH POLE!

Having accomplished his mission and enduring a gruelling training regimen in places as far as Nepal, Norway and Alaska, Shahrom knows exactly how helpful an insurance plan like Re-Claim’s could be.

“I leaned a lot preparing for the expedition….going through it and almost quitting towards the end. I learned the power of positive thinking and that really carried me to the finish line,” he said.

We couldn’t think of a better candidate for #TeamReClaim than Shahrom?

And he’s not done yet. Next year he plans to scale 14 mountains with summits higher than 8000km. Crazy! But #WeGotYourBack Shahrom — no matter where you are or how big your challenge.

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