Sports Injuries

We all hate those rude shocks when it comes to our health and there’s nothing worse than getting that tap on the shoulder to remind you to pay those unwanted bills when you thought they were covered under your insurance.

Unfortunately, your standard accident plan is likely to have limitations and shortcomings when it comes to sports injuries and accidents — grey areas to be exact that will come back to bite if you happen to break something while climbing Mt. Everest or surfing your favourite break.

“That won’t happen to me,” you laugh.

Well, Mr Invincible, take it from the experts. Sporting accidents do happen and whether you’ve broken a leg, an arm, torn a muscle or something vital, the road to recovery is going to be complex. Of course, we don’t want to stop you from playing sports and being active, so here are five grey areas to be aware of:

sports injuries

Your medical cover EXCLUDES hazardous sports without a definition of what hazardous is. You are at the MERCY OF THE INSURANCE COMPANY to determine whether your sport is hazardous or not, leaving you with a rude shock when you cannot make a claim.

Your standard medical insurance may NOT COVER you for higher-end treatments such as sports specific rehabilitation and orthopaedic devices to help you recover faster.

Your medical insurance WILL cover you for injury overseas but overseas treatments can incur PENALTIES and your personal accident plan will only cover you for the STANDARD or PREVAILING COST of that treatment in Malaysia, leaving you to PAY THE EXCESS.

Your standard medical insurance WILL NOT or only PARTIALLY PAY for your treatment at hospitals or specialised sports treatment centres not on their designated list.

Your medical insurance DOES COVER you for treatment in Malaysia but when the treatment FAILS and you require SPECIALIST TREATMENT from an expert in another country you are NO LONGER INSURED, even though that treatment is necessary for your full recovery.

Introducing Re-Claim, Malaysia’s next-level, comprehensive accident insurance plan designed for all hard-core fitness and sports enthusiasts — people who know their limits and go beyond them. You’ll get to see upfront what sports are covered and what’s not, so you’ll never get that rude surprise when you bust a knee only to find out you can’t make a claim for it. That’s not how we roll.

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