We’re proud to announce the latest addition to Team Re-Claim, a pocket-rocket who dominates by both land and sea, Penang’s Siti Nursara.

Siti Nursara Joins team re-claim

If it’s extreme, she loves it. When she’s not beneath the surface teaching hundreds of people how to scuba dive as a professional dive instructor, she’s up the wall at her local rock climbing centre taking on the boys, pushing, reaching and climbing higher.

And with Re-Claim providing cover for extreme sports and activities — 24/7, worldwide — we’re glad Sara is on board to share her scuba diving and rock climbing experience.

Sara has been a diving instructor with Scuba Diving International since 2012. In that time, she has seen many accidents and is passionate about teaching diving safety.

“Scuba diving safety is very important as you are underwater and the risks are higher. The first rule is you have to keep breathing, never hold your breath. Also make sure you follow your dive leader, check your equipment and your buddy’s equipment and do not ascend too fast.”

Unfortunately, Sara has seen many mistakes in her career and says that is when accidents happen.

“People need to be careful and very aware while they are underwater. Accidents can happen quite easily. It’s good though there is a product like Re-Claim that can support scuba divers should something go wrong.”

Far away from the depths of the ocean, Sara spends most of her time rock climbing. She trains to improve her skills and to stay fit at the same time.

Siti Nursara Joins team re-claimBut it’s the competition that she really loves.

“I love rock climbing for the competition. When you ascend or the reach top without rope tied by belayer, that feeling that you’ve won, that feeling of success, it’s amazing. I also like to compete with the guys. It’s great motivation. I look how hard they train and I want to be at their level and beat them.”


Wow, what an attitude! We’re so excited to partner with Sara for the next year.

Stay tuned for more cool rock climbing and scuba diving tips with Siti Nursara via Facebook & Instagram over the next few weeks.


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