Re-Claim Sports Equipment Cover Explained by Chris Kha Khrang

“They’ve got my back and my bike”

There’s no athlete more committed than a triathlete.

With a gruelling year-round training schedule, the life of a triathlete is one of dedication. Each discipline is just as important as the other.

For elite triathlete Chris Kha Khrang, it’s taken her years of learning from mistakes to truly comprehend how vital this is.

That’s why Chris is with Re-Claim.

On top of running and swimming every day, Chris takes no risk with her cycling equipment.

If she has an accident during cycling training or while cycling during a triathlon, she needs comfort knowing that both herself and her bike is covered.


Re-Claim Sports Equipment Cover Explained by Chris Kha Khrang


Unlike most insurances in Malaysia, Re-Claim offers sports equipment cover up to RM30,000.

If you have an accident and are hospitalised — and your bike is damaged as a result of the accident — Re-Claim covers the costs of your equipment up to 30,000 ringgit.

You can either repair your old bike or even buy a new one. Awesome, right?

But don’t just take it from us, here’s what Chris has to say!

Re-Claim is a great product for all cyclists.

I travel all the time for my events and my bike is my most prized asset.

If I were to have an accident, besides worrying about treatment and recovery from injuries, I would also have to worry about the cost of repairs to my bike.

“With Re-Claim they take care of everything.

“All cyclists would gain a lot more confidence knowing they are insured with Re-Claim.”



Unfortunately, Re-Claim doesn’t cover stolen or lost equipment or equipment damaged in transit on plane or by car.

We’ll only cover you if it is damaged in a sporting accident and are hospitalised.

What’s more, if the accident happens overseas, we’ll cover you for overseas treatment and emergency medical evacuation and repatriation as well as damage to your bike.

Re-Claim is Malaysia’s next-level, comprehensive sports accident insurance plan. To read more about our amazing sports equipment cover go to

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