What happens if you have a sports accident overseas? Are you covered for hospital admission? Are you covered for overseas treatment? Do you have to pay for your treatment? All those questions race through your head.

The good news is Re-Claim specializes in supporting athletes in their international sporting endeavors.

We understand athletes like to test their boundaries — that includes competing against some of the best sportsmen and sportswomen in the world in some of the most gruelling and harshest terrains imaginable.

Here’s how Re-Claim can make your life easier:


Generally, your medical insurance will cover you for sporting injury overseas. The bad news is overseas treatments can often incur penalties and your medical insurance will only cover you for the standard or prevailing cost of that treatment back in your home country.

That’s where Re-Claim comes in. Let’s say you require knee surgery following an injury in an international cross-fit competition in California. Doctors deem it important to operate straight away instead of waiting until you return home.

It costs RM20,000 in Malaysia but upwards of $USD30,000 (RM130,000) in the United States. Your standard medical insurance will only pay the RM20,000, leaving you to fork out the excess of RM110,000. What a pain!

With Re-Claim, we will work with your ‘Other Insurances’ and pay when your standard medical cover stops paying — topping up your excess so you can undergo surgery in the USA without worrying about additional costs.

Specialist Treatment Overseas

We also know how painful misdiagnosis or drawn-out recoveries can be.

So, if it is recommended by the attending doctor in Malaysia that you be transferred to a hospital outside of Malaysia for specialist treatment or because your initial treatment failed and the only remaining option is overseas, we will cover that too.

All you need to do is prove that the treatment, assistance or aid required overseas is not possible in Malaysia. We will review and approve the necessity of the overseas treatment and top up or pay the full amount of your medical bill* if your ‘Other Insurances’ won’t cover you.

You will have to pay for your own transportation overseas, but if you’re the hardcore athlete you say you are, you won’t mind paying that little extra to ensure you make a full recovery.

Watch our 2 min presentation on Re-Claim at www.re-claim.com for more information on our unique Re-Claim benefits including overseas treatment for sports injuries and accidents. Also check our FAQ section so you’ll never be in the dark about Re-Claim.

*NOTE: Subject to the overall annual limit you have bought.

Terms and Conditions apply.

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