Thank you for showing interest in our Lifeline ID promo, please read below and allow a few days for processing and shipping

As a loyal subscriber to our blog and email service we want to reward you with a special offer.

Lifeline ID limited edition at best price

LifelineID is one of our major partners and they have a great wristband that comes engraved with your personal information, including blood type, emergency contact and a list of allergies.

The idea is you wear the LifelineID wristband and in the case of an emergency the person who attends to you is able to access vital information they need.

We think it’s a great tool and something that every person who is active out on the roads or mountain trails should wear.

Re-Claim has a limited edition Re-Claim branded LifelineID only available as a Re-Claim customer normally valued at RM61. Prices will Increase next year to RM65-68

But for the next 7 DAYS we are giving the Re-Claim LifelineID to our loyal readers and subscribers for the special price of RM49 with Free Shipping within Peninsular Malaysia and RM5 for East Malaysia

If you want to get your hands on one of these items, this is what you have to do.

Each LifelineID comes with six lines for your data and each line has a maximum of 25 characters.

This is what we need from you!

We would need your information so we can engrave it on your personalised ID.  Send us an email with the following details please


William D. Shakespeare = 22 Characters

Allergies: Penicillin = 22 Characters

Emerg: Dad +60312345678 = 23 Characters

Blood Type: O Positive = 21 Characters

More Information _____________________

More Information _____________________

You have a total of 6 lines with 25 characters per line including spaces.

Once that’s done email that info to 

Once that step is complete you will need to transfer RM49 to our RHB Account or via Paypal.

How to pay us


Re-Claim Lifestyle Sdn Bhd RHB Bank
Account: 21217000060390

Or pay us using PayPal to our PayPal account at

Ensure the subject title is the same name as on your LifelineID.

We will then get it personalised and mailed to you!

Hope you like our little gift! Stay tuned for more cool promos in December.

If you have any questions, simply email us at

This promo is available until Friday November 25th. Please allow all ID’s to be mailed up until Tuesday November 29th.

Thank You 

Find out more about Re-Claim at

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Have a great week and speak soon!!

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