Looking for Sport Event Insurance?

Sport Event Insurance

Many sporting events such as triathlons, ultra-marathons and obstacle course races in Malaysia and around the world do not provide personal accident insurance or sport event insurance for their participants.

Instead, it’s up to the athlete to have their own PA or sport insurance package.

Most of the time, you’re asked to fill out an indemnity form whereby you tick a box saying you are responsible for any accident or injury to you and other people.

In general, this statement releases event organisers from all liabilities for any death or physical and mental injury resulting from risks of the event or negligence by the organiser. As an event organizer paying for sports event insurance is an extra expense and many shy away from it to increase their profits. 

Basically, they are removing themselves from any unforeseen claims from participants or third parties.

Additionally, by ticking the “release” box, event organisers could be tempted to lower their safety and security measures. This is fine, but where does that leave you? What happens if something goes wrong and you’re not insured? Who’ll look after you and your family? Only three weeks back a man died competing in the Port Dickson International Triathlon. Reports say he drowned. Could he have been helped with greater precautions and more staff on location?

It’s understandable some event organisers drop insurance for an event, considering the cost for sports event insurance can range from a low to a very high, five-figure amount.

But, that shouldn’t mean you have to take a risk with your safety. 

That’s where Re-Claim comes in! [CHECK US OUT @ http://www.bestsportsdoctors.com]

kuala lumpur standard chartered marathon 2019

Re-Claim offers sports event insurance for races so you can push yourself and have peace of mind that you will be protected. If you join Re-Claim, you’ll receive coverage on hospitalisation and evacuation from the event venue plus higher limits on medical expenses. And if you wreck your bike in a triathlon or long distance cycling event — and are taken to hospital as a result of the accident — we will replace or repair your bike up to RM30,000. That’s regardless of whether it’s your fault, another racer’s fault or the organiser’s fault.

How cool is that?

For those people organising events, also feel free to contact us via email Social @ Re-claim.com to see how we can provide cover for your event, including personal liability and participant insurance.

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How much is Re-Claim
We go where most insurances don’t.

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Looking for Sport Event Insurance?

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