Young gun Jason Loh joins Team Re-Claim

Young gun Jason Loh joins Team Re-Claim

Dedication and perseverance is needed to reach the top in triathlon and duathlon. Hours of training, racing, travelling overseas and recovering from setbacks. It’s a non-stop cycle.

Introducing Team-Re- Claim’s latest member, 24-year- old Jason Loh.

Jason is a passionate and enthusiastic athlete who has achieved great success in his short career. He is always pushing his limits to get the best out of himself and striving to become a better athlete.

He currently has his sights on being a top 10 duathlete in Southeast Asia as well as qualifying and competing in the Powerman World Series, ITU World Championship and the 2019 SEA Games in Philippines.

But it’s his stories of defeat and injury that really proves how tough he is.

Like all athletes, Jason knows all too well how hard it is to recover from an accident. There’s not only the physical suffering but also the psychological pain of being out of action. That’s why he is with Re-Claim.

Here’s his story:


Jason Loh Joins Team Re-Claim


Two years ago we had a training camp in Phuket. It’s very famous for it’s mountain roads and being perfect for cycling. During one training session I was going through a section of rainforest and there was a bit of algae and moss on the side of the road. I took the racing line into the corner and was going too fast and my front wheel slipped and I crashed pretty badly. My first point of contact was my hip bone. I slammed onto the road quite hard, the bike was pretty banged up. After that day I really struggled to get back into training with the usual intensity. It took a while for the confidence to come back, not to mention all the rehab and physio sessions.

Jason eventually got back on his bike, but the experience in Phuket really highlighted impact of serious injuries. Now as a Re-Claim athlete, he’s know that if something goes wrong he has the support he needs.

Re-Claim not only provides emergency medical evacuation and equipment cover up to RM30,000, but covers sports specific physio and rehab up to 180 days if you are hospitalised.

Stay tuned to hear more from Jason via Facebook & Instagram over the next few weeks.

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