Powerlifting champ Stephanie Ensol Joins Team Re-Claim

Powerlifting champ Stephanie Ensol Joins Team Re-Claim

We are proud to announce the latest addition to Team Re-Claim, Malaysia’s female powerlifting and strongman champion Stephanie Ensol.

In less than two years, Stephanie, 28, has soared to the top of her sport smashing records and winning numerous titles along the way.

She trains up to 10 times a week, doing what she calls the “big three” … squats, bench presses and deadlifts.

And she loves it, pushing herself relentlessly to attain results.

Stephanie Ensol Powerlifting Champion

Stephanie winning in Singapore

Stephanie Ensol Career Summary

— 1st Women Under 52kg and 1st Women Overall 2016 Malaysian Powerlifting Alliance Championships

— 1st Women Under 52kg and 1st Women Overall 2016 Singapore Powerlifting Invitational

— 1st Women Under 52kg and 1st Women Overall 2016 Malaysian Powerlifting Invitational

— 1st Women 2016 Kuching Strongman Competition

— National Record Holder Women Under 52kg Squat, Bench Press, Deadlift

— World Record Holder Women Under 52kg Bench Press

Re-Claim Stephanie Ensol Powerlifting

Stephanie’s career medal haul

Although Stephanie has been lucky with injuries, she knows that just one accident can ruin her season.

That’s why she is with Re-Claim.

“Re-Claim offers sport specific insurance without all the add-on at a very good price,” Stephanie says.

“I’m sure many people in the fitness and sports world would love Re-Claim as injuries and accidents certainly do happen.”

We welcome Stephanie Ensol to Team Re-Claim and we look forward to a fantastic 2017.

Follow Stephanie on Instagram @pocket_rocketgirl

Re-Claim, We’ve Got Your Back


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Easy yoga positions to improve your movement and flexibility

Yoga has soared in popularity in Malaysia over the last five to ten years and will continue to see beginners and veterans roll out the mat in 2017. We’ve asked Team Re-Claim’’s Angeline Ong to take us through 5 easy yoga positions to help improve your movement.

1. Downward Facing Dog

Downward Facing Dog Yoga Position

Downward Facing Dog

The Downward Facing Dog yoga position deeply stretches the back, opens the chest and builds upper body strength. This posture stimulates the brain and nervous system, improves memory, concentration, hearing and eyesight.

How to perform:

— Come onto the floor on your hands and knees, with your knees directly below your hips and your hands slightly in front of your shoulders. Spread your palms and tuck your toes under.

— Exhale and lift your knees up, slightly bend you knee with the heels lifted away from the floor. Lengthen your spine against this resistance, lift the sitting bones toward the ceiling and from your inner ankles engage the inner legs up into the groin.

— Engage and rotate your thighs slightly inward when you straighten up your knees but be sure not to lock them.

— Engage you outer arms and press your fingers actively into the floor. Lift your spine up with firm forearms and shoulder blades against your back, then widen them and draw them towards the tailbone. Keep the neck active with the head between the upper arms. Don’t let it hang.

Caution: Do not practice this yoga pose if you’ve had a recent chronic injury to the back, hips, arms or shoulders as well as unmediated high blood pressure.

2. Pigeon Pose

Pigeon Pose Yoga Position

Pigeon Pose

This yoga pose is excellent at opening up the hip joint and lengthening the hip flexor. Improves posture and alignment of the body and enhances overall suppleness.

How to perform:

— Begin with Downward Facing Dog. Bring your right knee between your hands, place your right ankle near your left wrist. Extend your left leg behind with your kneecap rotated in and the top of your foot rested on the floor.

— Press your fingertips to lift your torso away from your thigh. Lengthen the front of your body. Keep you hips square and release your tailbone back towards your heels.

— Lower your body through your front-leg shin and balance your weight evenly between your right and left hips. Flex your front foot. Press your back foot down. Look downward softly.

— Breathe and hold for up to one minute. To release the pose, flex your back feet, lift your back knee off the mat and press yourself back into Downward-Facing Dog. Repeat for the same amount of time on the other side.

3. Warrior II

Warrior II Yoga Position

Warrior II

A deep hip-opening yoga pose that strengthens the muscles in the thighs and buttocks.

How to perform:

— Standing upright, exhale while you step 3-1/2 feet apart. Raise your arms in line with your shoulders and parallel to the floor, stretch your arms actively out to the sides, shoulder blades wide, palms facing down.

— Turn your right foot out and your left foot in. Align the left heel with the right heel, activating your thighs and rotate your left thigh inward.

— Exhale and bend your right knee over the right ankle, so that the shin is perpendicular to the floor. If possible, bring the right thigh parallel to the floor. Engage your core muscles by strengthening the left and right leg, pressing both heels firmly to the floor.

— Stretch the arms away with the shoulder blades parallel to the floor. Don’t lean the torso over the left thigh, keep the sides of the torso long and the shoulders directly over the pelvis. Press slightly and rotate the tailbone down. Turn the head to the left and gaze toward your fingers.

— Stay in the pose for 30 seconds to one minute. Inhale as you come up from the pose. Change leg and repeat for the same length of time to the left.

Cautions: Do not practice this yoga pose if you have a recent or chronic knee, ankle or sacroiliac injury. 

4. Camel Pose

Camel Pose Yoga Position

Camel Pose

This yoga pose stretches and strengthens the shoulders and back. Stretches the ankles, thighs, groin, abdomen, chest and throat. Tones organs of the abdomen, pelvis, and neck.

How to perform:

— Come to your knees, with your legs hip-width apart. Place your hands on your hips. Keep your hips over your knees and internally rotate your thighs and squeeze your thigh muscles to activate them.

— Inhale to engage your lower belly and stretch your tailbone forward, creating space between your lower vertebrae. Inhale again, expand you chest and draw your elbows toward each other.

— Keep your chest open, spine long, chin tucked in as you drop your hands toward your heels and keep engaging your core.

— Press the heels of you palms into the heels of your feet while grabbing your feet. Keep lifting your spine up.

— Now lift your shoulders and engage your trapezius muscles to create a cushion on your cervical spine. Gently lower the head and neck and gaze at the tip of your nose.

— To exit, bring your chin back toward your chest and your hands to your hips. Keep engaging your lower belly and rise slowly using your hands to support your lower back.

Cautions: Don’t pinch the shoulders together and tense the neck. Also don’t compress the lower back down by squeezing the butt, that will push the knees wider than hip-width apart.

5. Seated Spinal Twist

Seated Spinal Twist Yoga Position

Seated Spinal Twist

Yoga twists can help loosen and lengthen the spine and can ease a stiff neck and shoulders. It also helps open the chest and increases the oxygen supply to the lungs.

How to perform:

— Sit up with both legs straight in front, keep your feet together and the spine extended.

— Bend the left leg and place the heal of the left foot beside the right hip. Place the right leg over the left knee, the left hand on the right knee and the right hand behind.

— Twist your waist, shoulders and neck to the right and look over the right shoulder. Keep extending the spine. Breathe gently and hold.

— Exhale while you release the hand behind you, keep your body posture upright. Repeat to the other side.

Stay fit and active in 2017 and enjoy a healthy lifestyle incorporating yoga, sports, fitness and healthy eating.

Re-Claim provides 24/7, worldwide cover for sports accidents and injuries. For more information go to www.bestsportsdoctors.com

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Nikola Hassan Joins Team Re-Claim

Nikola Hassan Joins Team Re-Claim

Sport and fitness plays an important role in our lives. Maintaining a healthy balance between work, social life and leisure gives us the motivation to keep pushing ourselves.

That’s why at Re-Claim, we not only support elite athletes who train 24/7, but also everyday sports enthusiasts who love to be fit and active.

Introducing our latest Team Re-Claim ambassador, Nikola Hassan.

Nikola is engulfed the hectic 24-hour lifestyle of public relations, marketing and the F&B industry. She knows all too well the importance of getting a balance.

“When you work so much, particularly in my position as a business owner, it is important to prioritise the “me” time. For me this is working out and being healthy,” she says. “I work out six days a week and it is very important to get the most out of each session. It gives me clarity and energy and makes me feel good about myself. When you feel good you are confident and that is something I can take into all areas of my life. When you workout you have goals to reach. You also have goals to reach at work. If you get into the habit of training everyday you will see the confidence and positive energy obtained from your workouts translate into your professional and social settings.”

Here’s a list of Nikola’s favourite workouts:

— Circuit training with personal trainer

— Indoor spin classes

— Weight training and pilates

She adds that being fit and active doesn’t have to be complicated, you just have to build a routine, stick to that routine and eat healthy.

“Working out and eating well are top priorities for me. I schedule my day around my workouts, and not vice versa. And I plan ahead when it comes to eating. You look good, feel good and are more productive when you maintain a healthy lifestyle.”

Nikola has joined Team Re-Claim with the knowledge that just one injury can ruin all the hard work.

She now has comfort knowing she will be looked after if something goes wrong.

“I like to go hard when I workout … otherwise what’s the point? It’s about pushing yourself that little bit more every day to become better tomorrow. And I can workout with peace of mind knowing that Re-Claim has my back.”

We’re excited to welcome Nikola to Team Re-Claim.

Stay tuned to hear more from Nikola via Facebook & Instagram over the next few weeks.

Make sure you head to www.bestsportsdoctors.com to receive more information on our 24/7, worldwide sports accident cover.

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Re-Claim’s Stem Cell Therapy Cover Explained


Grace Lee Explains Re-Claim’s Stem Cell Therapy Cover


Remember how hard it was staying motivated during your first few months of serious training? All those long hours in the gym, strict diets and nutrition plans?

Unfortunately, it only takes one bad injury and your progress is derailed. Without specialised cover it can be very frustrating.

Just ask Team Re-Claim’s Grace Lee.

Grace is a personal trainer and works and trains everyday. There are times where she feels like quitting. But with Re-Claim, she has the confidence to keep pushing harder.

“I do get tired and crave unhealthy food and yes, I do get injured from my workouts. But I accept these moments as part of life. I get back on track and keep pursuing my quest for progress.

“Therefore it is important to know that if I suffer a serious injury, I can get the best treatment possible to recover quickly.”


Stem cell therapy explained


With Stem Cell Therapy, “I have the best cover possible”


Unlike most other insurance companies, Re-Claim covers Grace for Stem Cell Therapy at Kuala Lumpur Sports Medicine Centre (KLSMC) should she have an accident.

Traditional surgery can be quite complex and recovery is painful, requiring a lengthy rehab period to restore strength and mobility.

But with Stem Cell Therapy, Grace can return to action in just six weeks.

Expert doctors use Grace’s own blood stem cells, coupled with surgical intervention and physiotherapy to regenerate the damaged cartilage in her shoulder, speeding up the recovery process.

Even more amazing is Grace can harvest her own stem cells for any future stem cell therapy, meaning if she has another devastating injury 6-months’ later, she’s equipped to begin the recovery.



Re-Claim is Malaysia’s next-level, comprehensive sports accident insurance plan.

Grace represents the ‘non-athlete’ fitness enthusiasts, who push their limits daily in search for a healthier lifestyle.

To read more about our unique benefits go to www.bestsportsdoctors.com

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Get Covered by Re-Claim Today for as Low as RM 87.00 per month

Re-Claim’s Sports Specific Physio and Rehab Explained



Jon Wong & Andrew Kwan Explain Re-Claim’s Sports Specific Physio and Rehab


If you want tough, then Andrew Kwan and Jonathan Wong are your guys. As the muscle-power behind Revelation Republic, this dynamic duo are the kind of passionate fitness enthusiasts Team Re-Claim loves.

Their strength and conditioning business, Revelation Republic, focuses on everything hardcore — powerlifting, cross-fit, bodybuilding and plyometrics — inspiring thousands of Malaysians to achieve their personal fitness goals and to attain a better physique.

Jon says, “Our joy comes from coaching, teaching and helping our clients reach their fitness goals in addition to coaching competitive athletes to reach their potential in major tournaments across Malaysia.”

As athletes themselves, they push their bodies to the max. They’ve competed in numerous national powerlifting, Test of Will and CrossFit events and are always the benchmark for success.

But there’s a price to pay from training and working out everyday. Injuries.

That’s why they’re with Re-Claim. They get cover on sports specific physio and rehab up to 180 days.


Re-Claim’s Sports Specific Physio and Rehab Explained

Team Re-Claim’s Jon (left) and Andrew (right)

“Rehab can be long and painful”


If you have a sports accident and are hospitalised, Re-Claim provides a professionally guided road to recovery thanks to cover on sports specific rehabilitation and physiotherapy.

Re-Claim’s partner Kuala Lumpur Sports Medicine Centre (KLSMC) offers modern gymnasium and exercise programmes specially tailored for each patient.

You also get expert advice from specialised physiotherapists who can recommend the most appropriate therapy for you and your injury.

You can rest in peace knowing that with your specialised rehabilitation you’ll be back in action in no time. Plus, you’re covered for rehab expenses up to 180 days, which is twice as long as most insurances.




Andrew says having access to Re-Claim provides comfort knowing that if they tear a muscle or something vital, they will receive the support they need.

“Injuries happen. It’s a fact of our human nature. I wouldn’t be able to train to my fullest potential if I didn’t have the confidence in the coverage I’ve invested in,” he says.

Re-Claim is Malaysia’s next-level, comprehensive sports accident insurance plan. To read more about our unique benefits go to www.bestsportsdoctors.com

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Angeline Ong joins Team Re-Claim

Angeline Ong joins Team Re-Claim

Pushing our bodies and testing the limits is just one part of sport and fitness. Understanding the human body so we know how it reacts when we push it too far is just as important.

That’s why we’re excited to welcome professional Yoga teacher and fitness professional Angeline Ong onto Team Re-Claim.

Angeline’s long relationship with fitness and her deep knowledge in Yoga and the human body has had a great impact on her teaching and status within the industry in Malaysia.

After falling in love with yoga and spending years mastering her trade across the world, she is now certified in Vinyasa Yoga from Dristhi Yoga Teacher Training and a registered teacher at Yoga Alliance.

On top of that she runs private Yoga classes all across Kuala Lumpur.

She says, “Whether your goal is to release stress, lose weight or to increase your energy, yoga is the answer for you.”

Angeline’s 5 benefits of Yoga

  1. It’s fun and helps you relax and relieve stress
  2. Helps you lose weight and maintain weight permanently
  3. Helps you focus, boost your energy levels and balance your lifestyle
  4. Improves your flexibility and helps tone your body
  5. Relieves back pain and helps cure diseases

Naturally, Angeline is also very aware of injuries.

To satisfy her curiosity in human anatomy and physiology, she became a trained therapeutic massage therapist for sport injuries.

She’s even suffered her own share of injuries, one of the reasons she has joined Team Re-Claim.

“Three years back I had quite a serious injury around my cervical vertebrae. It affected my ability to move my left arm for half year and the treatments and rehab were expensive.

“With Re-Claim I now get the coverage I need for personal damages and most importantly for follow up treatments when I have an accident or injury.”

Much of what Angeline does is about educating other people about the importance of a healthy lifestyle. This includes informing people of the benefits of sports insurance.

Angeline Ong Joins Team Re-Claim“I want to create more awareness for people who are active in sports on the importance of accident and injury cover as you never know when it will come in handy,” she says.

We’re excited to welcome Angeline to
Team Re-Claim.

Stay tuned to hear more from Angeline via Facebook & Instagram over the next few weeks.

Make sure you head to www.bestsportsdoctors.com to receive more information on our 24/7, worldwide sports accident cover.

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