Incorrect diagnosis and sporting injuries

Best Doctors 2nd opinion service against misdiagnosis

BestDoctors™: Your ally against misdiagnosis.


Did you know Re-Claim Sports Insurance partner BestDoctors™ can provide much needed assistance and help in the case of misdiagnosis?

From a patch of sand on the road as you cycle, to an unsuccessful attempt at breaking your dead lift record, accidents and injuries are the risks we take in pursuit of our athletic goals. After an accident we trust the medical advice we receive, but what if the doctor’s diagnosis is wrong and your injury isn’t getting better?

Recent studies estimate around 5 per cent of diagnoses in the USA are classified as incorrect*. That’s roughly 12 million people a year. You don’t want to take that risk here in Malaysia.

Unfortunately, if your diagnosis is wrong, it is likely that every decision after that will be detriment to your recovery as well.

A misdiagnosis can lead to incorrect or unnecessary treatments, meaning you stay out of action for longer. With medical fees on the rise, extra treatment can also be extremely costly, adding financial pressure at a time when you may be unable to work due to your injury.  

Following the wrong advice can also take a toll on you physically, placing additional and unnecessary stress on the original injury site and damaging surrounding structures. In fact, recent studies highlight the possibility of re-injury increases by over 60 per cent when an incorrectly targeted rehabilitation program is used*.  

So, how do you avoid a potentially damaging misdiagnosis?

Easy. Speak up!


The best chance you have at receiving the correct diagnosis and preventing further damage, is to ensure your doctor has as much information as possible. Listen to your body, communicate your concerns and don’t be afraid to seek a second, third or even fourth opinion.

And that’s where Re-Claim comes in.

Re-Claim Sports Insurance gives you access to the BestDoctors™ online service to give you absolute peace of mind in your diagnosis and treatment for sports injuries. The BestDoctors™ service gives you a second opinion on your injury and advises if your previous treatments have been ill-advised.

BestDoctors™ also unlocks the expert opinions and guidance of world leading specialists to advise on all aspects of your specific injury. Included as part of your Re-Claim Sports Insurance policy, BestDoctors™ saves you from ever-increasing specialist consulting fees through its easily accessed online portal and phone service.

When faced with injury treatment and rehabilitation, you want to be sure you’re doing everything right to get yourself back on track as quickly as possible. With specialist advice only a phone call away, BestDoctors™ is your greatest ally in the fight to get back to your best.

How BestDoctors™ works?

  • You call BestDoctors™ with your concern(s).
  • A member of the BestDoctors™ clinical team has an in-depth discussion with you and gather necessary medical information.
  • Your questions and medical information are sent to a medical expert for review.
  • You receive a report with the expert’s answers within 5-7 days, including suggestions for treatment options and evaluation of previous diagnosis.

No hassle, no stress, no concerns. Just call 1800 818 034

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* Research

Hardeep Singh,1 Ashley N D Meyer,1 Eric J Thomas2, 2014. The frequency of diagnostic errors in outpatient care: estimations from three large observational studies involving US adult populations.

Re-Claim’s Second Medical Opinion For Sports Injuries

Re-Claim’s Second Medical Opinion For Sports Injuries

Access to good specialists for a second opinion for sports injuries can be hard to come by.

With Re-Claim you can now rest easier knowing some of the best sports specialists in the world are available to you.

BestDoctors™ has an independent team of medical specialists who are the leading experts in treating sports injuries in their field and for some, they even provide world-leading medical advice to professional athletes and teams around the world including US Major League teams and the New Zealand All-Blacks rugby team.

Re-Claim simply sends your medical reports to these leading specialists voted as the best by their peers and they analyse and assess your original diagnosis and recommend alternative treatments or therapy to assist in your recovery.

Here are three potential situations in which second medical opinion via BestDoctors™ can help!


Meet SAM

Sam loves competing in triathlons and runs, cycles and swims four times a week. One day while cycling, Sam experiences shortness of breath and dizzy spells. He consults four different doctors but all of his results come back clear, except for a small blood clot on his right lung which they say may or may not be the cause of the problem. Sam decides to consult BestDoctors™ for a second opinion. The expert determines he is suffering from a heart condition in which his heart rate does not increase with heightened activity and advises him to see a specialist to be fitted with a pacemaker. Following the operation, Sam’s symptoms disappear and he is now back on his bike, running and swimming again in training for his next triathlon.



Michelle has just competed in the state hockey championships. Over six days she experienced increased levels of pain in her knee, progressing to her lower back and hips, ruling her out of the national titles. Michelle seeks treatment from her local doctor who diagnoses her with a condition that affects her spine and joints and advises her to take medication. Michelle follows the doctors orders and takes the medication for three months, but with the new hockey season fast approaching and still no improvement in her knee, Michelle consults BestDoctors™ for a second opinion. Following a complete review of her symptoms, the expert diagnoses her with musculoskeletal pain and urges her to discontinue her potentially dangerous medication. Michelle completes a physical and occupational therapy programme instead, not only saving money, but setting her on course for a full recovery.


Sporting Injuries malaysia second medical opinion



One day while playing futsal Jonathan is hit in the throat by a flailing arm as he goes in for a tackle. Jonathan is rushed to the emergency room where he is treated for cracked cartilage, swelling and bruising of the larynx. Days later, Jonathan discovers he has difficulty speaking and is diagnosed with a paralysed right vocal cord, resulting in a hoarse, raspy voice. Following three surgeries in two years, Jonathan still can’t find a solution to his problem. After consulting BestDoctors™, experts reveal he has damage to his throat not spotted by anyone else. Jonathan undergoes one final surgery with an elite surgeon overseas and combined with sessions from a speech therapist, he now has full use of his voice.

If this sounds like you and you require a second medical opinion for your sports injuries, sign up to Re-Claim TODAY. You’ll never feel alone in your recovery again!

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