Latest Technology Could Reduce Cycling Accidents

Are you scared of cycling accidents?

Do you feel safe when you go out for your morning ride? Do you trust drivers to keep a safe distance between you and their car?

You only need to ask #TeamReClaim athlete Kimbeley Yap-Chelliah of the dangers of road cycling.


How to avoid cycling accidentsIn 2014, when in training for the 2014 Commonwealth Games and 2015 SEA Games, she was knocked off her bike by a car near Damansara, tearing her left thigh and calf and suffering injuries to her head, leaving her in a coma.

It was a cycling accident that could have been avoided. Now there’s a possible solution.

Australian company Cycliq has invented a rear facing HD camera with integrated red flashing lights — the Fly 6 and new model Fly 12 — which acts as a dash-cam similar to those used in vehicles by recording footage of every aspect of a cyclist’s journey. 




/Although the technology is reactive to what is happening on the road, the knowledge that motorists are being recorded could make drivers think twice about their behaviour.

More importantly, it can help authorities in piecing together the moments leading up to a fatal or near fatal collision.

The device can detect a car number plate from three metres away and comes with a tram-line feature that overlays digital lines to the cyclists’ footage, indicating when a vehicle has come too close to them.

It also has mobile app and social sharing, connectivity, meaning cyclists can instantly share their recordings with fellow cyclists or police if required.

 Since 2015, there have been 46 cyclists’ deaths on Australian roads. In Malaysia, Kimbeley’s case is not a one off.

Another national cyclist, Mohd Asmui Ali Awang, was killed in 2013 after being hit during training at Kampung Pulau Serai, Terengganu.

In 2012, four cyclists — Mariana Mohamad, Masziyaton Mohd Radzi, Mohd Aziz Zahit and Mohd Azri Ahmad — were hit by a swerving car in Putrajaya while trying to earn national selection.

It’s clear something has to be done.

Cyclic chief executive Andrew Hagen says, “The whole point of our mission is to make the motorists aware cyclists are obtaining footage, so hopefully they will apply a bit more caution,” he told

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