What Is The World’s Toughest Sport?

It comes as no surprise that different sports require unique skill sets. Yet, determining the world’s toughest sport can be difficult. What exactly does tough mean?

We’ve gone through what we think are 8 of the most gruelling and physically taxing sports and ranked them out of 10 based endurance, speed, strength, agility, skill and physicality.

Here’s our list. Do you agree?

Pure maths will tell you Ironman Triathlon has to rank up there as one of the toughest sports in the world. It combines swimming, cycling and running and if you consider Ironman as an example, it consists of an open water swim, a stage of the Tour de France and a marathon. Pure steel.

Endurance 10

Speed 3

Strength 4

Agility 3

Skill 3

Physicality 3

Total = 26 tough points


Worlds Toughest Sport Cycling


As Malaysia’s most popular sport, we all know how gruelling Football is. Athletes are required to have blistering speed, sublime skill and the agility to dribble, evade and hold possession. Not to mention the sheer number of matches the pro’s play. It gets 32 on the Tough-O-Metre

Endurance 6

Speed 7

Strength 4

Agility 5

Skill 5

Physicality 5

Total = 32 tough points


World's Toughest Sport Football


Gymnastics also gets on our list. Given each athlete needs to be versatile enough to excel on each apparatus — floor, rings, beam, bar, vault — the stamina and toughness required to succeed is high.

Endurance 2

Speed 3

Strength 9

Agility 10

Skill 9

Physicality 0

Total = 33 tough points


World's Toughest Sport Gymnastics


You may think Basketball is perhaps not that hardcore, but considering the dexterity and strength needed to constantly jump, slam dunk and shoot three-pointers under pressure, it’s no wonder basketball ranks near the top.

Endurance 6

Speed 7

Strength 6

Agility 6

Skill 7

Physicality 3

Total = 35 tough points


World's Toughest Sport Basketball


Ice Hockey perhaps isn’t the most common sport in Malaysia, but watch a game or two and you’ll be wondering how the players aren’t a gooey mess by the end. It tests all aspects of a player’s repertoire.

Endurance 5

Speed 7

Strength 6

Agility 6

Skill 8

Physicality 8

Total = 39 tough points


World's Toughest Sport Ice Hockey


Rugby (Union and League) is immediately recognised as a brutal sport and not just because of the immense levels of physicality involved, but also the deft skills, pace and strategies required to defeat the opposition.

Endurance 7

Speed 6

Strength 8

Agility 4

Skill 5

Physicality 10

Total = 40 tough points


World's Toughest Sport Rugby


It takes a lot of courage to step inside the Boxing ring or MMA cage. Punching, grappling, wrestling, defending, footwork — you need it all. Thus, core skills such as power and flexibility combined with speed and agility is essential. Serious injuries and sometimes death can occur, so naturally you need to be pretty tough.

Endurance 6

Speed 7

Strength 8

Agility 5

Skill 4

Physicality 10

Total = 40 tough points


World's Toughest Sport Boxing


And finally Water Polo. Water Polo has been officially declared the most difficult sport as the players have to be at peak physical capacity just to survive a game. Treading water, evading vicious blows, wrestling, grappling, swimming up to 2km and powering the ball in the back of the net with a rocket arm. It’s no wonder it ranks on top on our tough list.

Endurance 9

Speed 7

Strength 7

Agility 7

Skill 6

Physicality 8

Total = 44 tough points


World's Toughest Sport Water Polo


Other sports considered “Tough” include American Football, Australian Rules Football, Rowing, Tennis and in more modern times CrossFit.

If you compete in a sport you think is tougher, let us know on Facebook


*List compiled based on similar reports from ESPN and Bleacher Report

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7 Hilarious Athlete Injuries You Can’t Predict

Athletes are sometimes regarded as mere mortals, accomplishing Olympian feats of strength, agility, dexterity and endurance. Yes, they suffer serious injuries but often return renewed and revitalised where average Joe would normally give up.

There’s times, though, where a slight slip or unfortunate mishap can bring these super-humans crashing down to earth. Here’s 8 of the funniest athlete injuries we’ve come across.


David Batty, Football — Death on 3 wheels

Kids, God bless them! What happens when a three-year-old girl on a tricycle rams into a man’s ankle? A season-ending injury. Perhaps former England, Leeds, Blackburn and Newcastle star David Batty wasn’t as nice with his Christmas gift to his daughter that year?

Athlete Injuries david batty

David Batty (left) could fly kick with the best, but it was a three-year-old and tricycle that brought him undone.


Svein Grøndalen, Football — When animals attack

Norwegian footballer Svein Grøndalen was out on a routine jog, keeping fit and ready to kick some goals. Instead he managed to ram head first into a moose. Wow! His injuries were so grievous he missed Norway’s World Cup qualifier against Finland.

Althete Injury

Moose alert!


Kim Clijsters, Tennis — Wedding drama

Tennis is a graceful sport. So, too are weddings. Yet in 2011, Belgian tennis queen Kim Clijsters jeopardised her French Open campaign after it was reported she “strained both the medial and lateral ligaments of her right ankle as well as suffering injuries to the ankle joint and tendon” at her cousin’s wedding. The reasons behind the slip were never revealed, but it’s safe to presume Kim should have been wearing flats.


Brandt Snedeker, Golf — Nice Segway!

Apart from overuse injures, rarely do you hear of accidents or injuries that happen on the golf course. What is more common is stories of pro golfers having an accident skiing. But

World No 20 Brandt Snedeker’s case tops the list. Snedeker landed awkwardly after falling from a Segway in China in 2013, bruising his left tibia and ACL, keeping him out for a couple of weeks. Ouch!


Lionel Letizi, Football — ‘M’ is for medical leave

Paris Saint-German goalkeeper Lionel Letizi probably didn’t expect a tame game of Scrabble to keep him off the pitch. In 2002, the Frenchman threw his back out reaching for a fallen Scrabble tile. LOL! They say he was trying to spell P-H-Y-S-I-O-T-H-E-R-A-P-Y

Athlete injuries Lionel Letizi

‘M’ is for Medical leave!


Sascha Bender, Football — Blowing in the wind

Usually most sports injuries occur by accident or pure negligence. Once in a while, it happens when an athlete gets punched in the face, even less when it’s by his own team mate and hardly ever when it’s for flatulence. But yes, believe it or not, Sascha Bender was punched in the face by Stuttgart Kickers teammate Christian Okpala for farting too much. Hilarious!


Blanka Vlašić, High Jump — Knock, Knock ….

Warming up is essential for all athletes and is supposed to be a non-hazardous exercise. But not for high jump starlet, Blanka Vlašić. The Croatian was stretching in her hotel room prior to the 2009 World Championships when she knocked her head on a door post, requiring six stitches. Despite missing the warmups, she cleared all four jumps in qualifying and went onto win gold.

Athlete Injuries Blanka Vlašić

Two-time world champion Blanka Vlašić


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Most annoying gym personalities in Malaysia

Our friends at musclefoods.com have composed a list of the 6 most annoying gym personalities. In Malaysia, the gym and workout culture here has become so big, it seems every man, woman and their dog are getting into shape. But admit it, the gym isn’t always that fun. You always have those idiots who ruin it for everyone. Do you agree with these six characters?


Re-Claim Model

We all know these guys. They’re the self-indulgent, mirror-loving, Hollywood pin-up wannabes that get more satisfaction from their 500 Instagram followers than the 50 reps they’ve completed. If their RM300 designer-gym outfit doesn’t put you off, the fact they’ve got their pet Chihuahua sitting in their Lonsdale duffel bag certainly will. L-O-S-E-R


Re-Claim Lurker

Hmmm, essentially the lurker isn’t that bad. They’re the people who aren’t regular gym-junkies and want tips from the pros. Yet, they’re a little socially awkward and instead of asking you politely for some help, they’ll peer over your shoulder, copy your routine or worse — the following week — arrive in the same clothing as you thinking they’re killing it. Be yourself, bro!

Re-Claim Socialite

No matter what time of day, there’s always one chick using their gym session to catch up with their friend. Of course, the conversation about Krystal’s failed marriage can’t wait until after the spin class!? By the time you’ve exerted enough energy enduring her 30-minute convo (the same energy you’ve spent doing your 5km run), you’ll be needing your own venting session.


Re-Claim Hard Man

Ah, the Gorilla of the room. Yes, at one point we’ve all wanted to be Arnold Schwarzenegger, and yes, there is some satisfaction at lifting the heaviest weights in the gym. But listen up — there’s no reason to be a ‘moron’. Place the weights back on the floor quietly and remember, you’re no Olympic weightlifter, so don’t go clapping chalk powder in people’s faces. Grrrrr back at you!


Re-Claim Hoarder

There are simple rules of etiquette when it comes to the gym, and for some reason these guys think they’re exempt. Hoarders make themselves at home in shared gyms, using all the towels, all the free weights and all the machines at once. Sharing is caring people! We’re all out to achieve the same results — get fit and be healthy.


Re-Claim Teacher

As we know, the gym can be quite a sociable place and it’s always great to have a gym buddy to help out. But there’s a difference between being nice and being a know-it-all. These eager beavers will help you whether you’ve asked for it or not, hovering over you like that three-day old cold. Go Away!


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Little-known sports Malaysians are good at that we cover

Little-known sports Malaysians are good at that we cover

Little-known sports Malaysians are good at that we cover 

At Re-Claim, we love athletes who push themselves, that includes people who excel in sports that are slightly different or not that popular. Often these guys lack the support networks of mainstream sports. Well, it’s time to give you guys some credit. Here’s 6 sports Malaysians are awesome at. 

Dodgeball players mid-game


Ever thought Malaysians would be good at throwing balls at each other? Turns out our dodgeballers are among the best in the world with Malaysia’s men creating history by finishing second at the 2016 World Cup — just the first time we’ve been invited to compete, too. Only 12 month’s earlier they grabbed silver and the women bronze at the world championships. This fast-paced sport sees competitors hurling foam balls at each other while dodging or catching the return fire. It requires quick reflexes and a powerful throwing arm. It’s also a great cardio workout and is playable by all ages and skill level. Join a team: http://www.dodgeball.com.my/

Floorball players mid-game


Enjoy the fast-pace and extremely skilful game of hockey but don’t always feel like risking big sticks or hard balls flying at your face? Well, you’re in luck! Played indoors, floorball offers a safe, weather independent game of modified hockey that has all the traits you love about its big brother, but with less chance of impact-related injury. This highly technical and super-speedy game is working its way into the dominant sporting consciousness as well, with Malaysia’s men and women winning silver at last year’s Southeast Asia Games. Play today: https://www.facebook.com/malaysiafloorball/

UnderArmour Test of Will

If you’re after something more unique, check out UnderArmour Test of Will, an urban fitness challenge where competitors must complete four exercises — burpees, squats, dumbbell presses and pull-ups — within 60 seconds, with points awards for the highest reps completed. We’re just lucky #TeamReClaim’s very own Jon Wong and Andrew Kwan are the best in the country at this. Jon won the Malaysian regional qualifier and Andrew finishing third at the final in Singapore. Well done guys! Get involved: http://testofwill.tripleready.com/

Wakeboarder showing peace sign


To say 12-year-old Aaliyah Yoong is a sensation would be an understatement. At 11, Aaliyah defended (that’s right, defended) the gold medal for wakeboarding at the SEA Games. Recently she eclipsed the Asian points scoring record totalling 7,110 at a competition in Florida. The previous record was 6,610. Wakeboarding is a sport that often flies under the radar, but has a large following in America and is now a mainstay of the world X-Games scene. Although Aaliyah’s sport demands extreme balance, flexibility and courage of her, she’s never been one to back down from a challenge.  Try it out: http://www.wakeboard.com.my/ If you are inspired by any of these sports, or compete in something else that’s a little less mainstream, but are confused whether you are insured or not, the good news is Re-Claim has your back. We’ll help you chase your dreams and get back on your feet if things don’t go as planned.  Check in with your current insurance provider to see what you are covered for. Contact us at http://www.re-claim.com/ for more information. If you have a sporting success story? A time where you triumphed over injury? Was left to battle injury on your own? Please tell us! Contact Re-Claim and we’ll profile your story on our blog. You’ll also receive an awesome Re-Claim Battle Bag, too.