Re-Claim’s personal liability for sporting accidents

Re-Claim’s personal liability for sporting accidents

Re-Claim’s Personal Liability Insurance

It’s a nightmare scenario. You’ve had an accident involving another person during a sporting event or activity. Your injuries are okay but the other guy is pretty banged up and decides to make a legal claim against you. What do you do?

Anyone involved in an individual sport that carries a certain amount of risk should think twice about personal liability for injury to another person or damage to their property. You never know when something like this will come back to bite you.

Luckily, at Re-Claim, we cover you for property damage, death and bodily injury caused by you to another person during your sports activities, up to the limit stated in your plan.

So, if you collide with a fellow mountain bike rider at Taman Bukit Kiara injuring them and wrecking their bike, hit another person or vessel while windsurfing in Langkawi or cause a mass pile-up during a cycling training ride on the East-West Highway causing death, we have your back.

Other sports where our personal liability cover will come in handy include:

personal liability Insurance

How does it work?

Property Damage: If a claim is made against you for property damage as a result of an accident by you during a sporting activity, we will reimburse you for the sum to which you are legally liable to pay.

Bodily Injury or Death to Third Party: If a suit is brought against you for injury to an individual, including medical expenses, or death to that third party as a result of an accident by you during a sporting activity, we will cover that too.

Re-Claim is Malaysia’s next-level, comprehensive sports accident insurance plan designed for all hard-core fitness and sports enthusiasts — people who know their limits and go beyond them.

Check in with your current insurance provider to see what your personal liability insurance covers you for, so you never get that rude shock when something goes wrong.

Watch our 2-minute video at for more information on our unique Re-Claim benefits including personal liability.

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By the way the gentleman on the picture is Edwin Curtis, who got hit by a golf ball during the Honda Classic in Palm Beach in 2014. A small, hard ball can do a lot of damage.

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