Incorrect diagnosis and sporting injuries

Best Doctors 2nd opinion service against misdiagnosis

BestDoctors™: Your ally against misdiagnosis.


Did you know Re-Claim Sports Insurance partner BestDoctors™ can provide much needed assistance and help in the case of misdiagnosis?

From a patch of sand on the road as you cycle, to an unsuccessful attempt at breaking your dead lift record, accidents and injuries are the risks we take in pursuit of our athletic goals. After an accident we trust the medical advice we receive, but what if the doctor’s diagnosis is wrong and your injury isn’t getting better?

Recent studies estimate around 5 per cent of diagnoses in the USA are classified as incorrect*. That’s roughly 12 million people a year. You don’t want to take that risk here in Malaysia.

Unfortunately, if your diagnosis is wrong, it is likely that every decision after that will be detriment to your recovery as well.

A misdiagnosis can lead to incorrect or unnecessary treatments, meaning you stay out of action for longer. With medical fees on the rise, extra treatment can also be extremely costly, adding financial pressure at a time when you may be unable to work due to your injury.  

Following the wrong advice can also take a toll on you physically, placing additional and unnecessary stress on the original injury site and damaging surrounding structures. In fact, recent studies highlight the possibility of re-injury increases by over 60 per cent when an incorrectly targeted rehabilitation program is used*.  

So, how do you avoid a potentially damaging misdiagnosis?

Easy. Speak up!


The best chance you have at receiving the correct diagnosis and preventing further damage, is to ensure your doctor has as much information as possible. Listen to your body, communicate your concerns and don’t be afraid to seek a second, third or even fourth opinion.

And that’s where Re-Claim comes in.

Re-Claim Sports Insurance gives you access to the BestDoctors™ online service to give you absolute peace of mind in your diagnosis and treatment for sports injuries. The BestDoctors™ service gives you a second opinion on your injury and advises if your previous treatments have been ill-advised.

BestDoctors™ also unlocks the expert opinions and guidance of world leading specialists to advise on all aspects of your specific injury. Included as part of your Re-Claim Sports Insurance policy, BestDoctors™ saves you from ever-increasing specialist consulting fees through its easily accessed online portal and phone service.

When faced with injury treatment and rehabilitation, you want to be sure you’re doing everything right to get yourself back on track as quickly as possible. With specialist advice only a phone call away, BestDoctors™ is your greatest ally in the fight to get back to your best.

How BestDoctors™ works?

  • You call BestDoctors™ with your concern(s).
  • A member of the BestDoctors™ clinical team has an in-depth discussion with you and gather necessary medical information.
  • Your questions and medical information are sent to a medical expert for review.
  • You receive a report with the expert’s answers within 5-7 days, including suggestions for treatment options and evaluation of previous diagnosis.

No hassle, no stress, no concerns. Just call 1800 818 034

For more information about our second medical opinion service CLICK HERE  

Team Re-Claim — #WeGotYourBack      

* Research

Hardeep Singh,1 Ashley N D Meyer,1 Eric J Thomas2, 2014. The frequency of diagnostic errors in outpatient care: estimations from three large observational studies involving US adult populations.

A Simple Guide to Dealing With Sports Accidents and Injuries With Re-Claim

A Simple Guide to Dealing With Sports Accidents and Injuries With Re-Claim

Never stress again over your horror sports accidents with this piece of Re-Claim advice.

Oh no! Sports accidents are your worst nightmare. You’re travelling alone and you crash snowboarding in Japan. It’s no longer your dream holiday — it’s now the trip from hell! You’ve been knocked unconscious and you wake up in hospital to the dreaded news:

  • You’ve been airlifted to the emergency room in Sapporo
  • You’ve broken your wrist and dislocated your shoulder; and
  • Your neck is in a brace and you feel a slight tingling sensation down your spine

To make things worse, the nurse tells you what actually happened — you’ve also flattened another guy and he’s also in hospital too. Damn! Sports accidents suck!


Well, if you are with Re-Claim, half your problems are already solved. You’re no doubt still in shock, but don’t worry, that little plastic Re-Claim card will take care of everything.

Who do I contact?

Re-Claim has a 24-HOUR HOTLINE number which is located on your membership card. With just one call, you’ll be covered for emergency evacuation and your repatriation back home once you are given the all clear by doctors. You will have to pay the hospital admission fee in Japan, but you’ll be reimbursed for that when you get back home*.

How soon do I have to notify you?

As soon as reasonably possible and in any case no later than 10 days from your sporting accident.

How do I make a claim from overseas?

You must keep the original medical bills, hospital admission fee and medical report and submit it to us when you have returned to Malaysia. We will assess the claim as per the policy terms and conditions and reimburse the covered medical expenses to you.

Does Re-Claim cover my treatment if I am injured overseas?

YES, since your treatment for your shoulder, wrist and neck cannot be reasonably postponed until your repatriation back to Malaysia we will cover you for your hospitalisation and treatment in Japan.

Am I covered for a snowboard accident?

It’s more than likely your ‘Other Insurances’ will NOT cover you for boarding and skiing accidents as they are considered ‘Hazardous’. But, good news, Re-Claim DOES! We don’t exclude ‘Hazardous Sports’ in our policy, such as skiing and snowboarding — the only sports we don’t insure are outlined HERE.

What about my board? It snapped in half?

Not to worry, if you have an accident and are hospitalised, and your equipment is damaged, we’ll cover the repairs up to RM30,000. 

Phew. And what about the other guy? Am I covered for personal liability?

YES, don’t worry about that either. We will cover your third party legal liability for property damage and injury caused by you to the other rider.

It’s easy as that.

Re-Claim is Malaysia’s next-level, comprehensive sports accident insurance plan designed for all hard-core fitness and sports enthusiasts — people who know their limits and go beyond them. You will see upfront what sports are covered and what’s not, so you’ll never get that rude surprise when something like this happens.

Head to TODAY for more information about our unique Re-Claim benefits.

*NOTE: If the accident happens in Malaysia you will be covered for cashless hospital admission.

Terms and Conditions Apply.

Re-Claim’s personal liability for sporting accidents

Re-Claim’s personal liability for sporting accidents

Re-Claim’s Personal Liability Insurance

It’s a nightmare scenario. You’ve had an accident involving another person during a sporting event or activity. Your injuries are okay but the other guy is pretty banged up and decides to make a legal claim against you. What do you do?

Anyone involved in an individual sport that carries a certain amount of risk should think twice about personal liability for injury to another person or damage to their property. You never know when something like this will come back to bite you.

Luckily, at Re-Claim, we cover you for property damage, death and bodily injury caused by you to another person during your sports activities, up to the limit stated in your plan.

So, if you collide with a fellow mountain bike rider at Taman Bukit Kiara injuring them and wrecking their bike, hit another person or vessel while windsurfing in Langkawi or cause a mass pile-up during a cycling training ride on the East-West Highway causing death, we have your back.

Other sports where our personal liability cover will come in handy include:

personal liability Insurance

How does it work?

Property Damage: If a claim is made against you for property damage as a result of an accident by you during a sporting activity, we will reimburse you for the sum to which you are legally liable to pay.

Bodily Injury or Death to Third Party: If a suit is brought against you for injury to an individual, including medical expenses, or death to that third party as a result of an accident by you during a sporting activity, we will cover that too.

Re-Claim is Malaysia’s next-level, comprehensive sports accident insurance plan designed for all hard-core fitness and sports enthusiasts — people who know their limits and go beyond them.

Check in with your current insurance provider to see what your personal liability insurance covers you for, so you never get that rude shock when something goes wrong.

Watch our 2-minute video at for more information on our unique Re-Claim benefits including personal liability.

Check out our Comprehensive Sports Plans Here

*Read our FAQ section. Terms and conditions apply. 

By the way the gentleman on the picture is Edwin Curtis, who got hit by a golf ball during the Honda Classic in Palm Beach in 2014. A small, hard ball can do a lot of damage.

How To Make A Sports Accident Insurance Claim In 5 Minutes

How To Make A Sports Accident Insurance Claim In 5 Minutes

You’re probably asking why there’s a blog post on how to make a sports accident insurance claim? It’s not that hard, right?


But when you’ve had a sporting accident — hit a tree skiing, smashed into another cyclist, done your ACL playing netball — the last thing on your mind is completing the paperwork.

That’s why at Re-Claim we make it super easy.

Of course, you have to pay the premium first before the coverage takes effect.

It may sound silly, but there’s no point registering with us, going off on your kayaking adventure, getting injured and then trying to complete your membership?


We have three Re-Claim plans to choose from:


How much is Re-Claim Sports accident Insurance -SPORTS ACCIDENT INSURANCE CLAIM

Purchase Your Re-Claim Sports Insurance Plan here


Each plan will determine the annual limit you are entitled to. SPORTS ACCIDENT INSURANCE CLAIM What is really covered

For emergency cases where you require cashless hospital admission, emergency evacuation or overseas repatriation from another country, please call the 24-HOUR HOTLINE number on your Re-Claim medical card or contact the Hospital Admission or International Medical Assistance numbers HERE.

For non-emergency cases or cases where you have decided to pay on your own first, just notify us within 10 days from the sporting accident at or call us at 03 2262 8688 and submit the original claim form, original itemised bills, receipts and other relevant documents as required by us.

Note, if you’re injured overseas, you are required to cover the hospital admission fee while you are there, but not to worry, keep the hospital bills and medical reports and you’ll be reimbursed when you get back home.

Making a claim for your sports accident can be done from the comfort (or lack of) of your hospital bed or couch via phone, laptop or tablet. Simply call or email us and your claim will be processed within days.


We even have a ‘Make A Claim’ button ready and waiting. Go to and claim away!



Things to remember:
You are required to act upon medical advice as soon as possible
You may be required to undergo further medical examination at Re-Claim’s expense
We will only pay your benefit if ALL medical certificates and other evidence are provided

For all other assistance or questions about our policy CALL THE ENQUIRY HOTLINE ON 1300 889 899 OR EMAIL VIA

Re-Claim is Malaysia’s next-level, comprehensive sports accident insurance plan designed for all hard-core fitness and sports enthusiasts. We offer worldwide 24-hour coverage and have raised the bar to provide access to cutting-edge medical experts and institutions to give our athletes unique benefits not available anywhere else in Malaysia.

Watch our 2 min presentation on Re-Claim at for more information on our unique Re-Claim benefits including evacuation and overseas treatment for sports injuries and accidents.

Now you know how to make a Sports Accident Insurance Claim the Re-Claim way, so go and do something crazy, set new records, break old ones, but make sure you purchase one of our great plans first 🙂 
Buy Re-Claim Here

*Terms and Conditions apply.

Latest Technology Could Reduce Cycling Accidents

Are you scared of cycling accidents?

Do you feel safe when you go out for your morning ride? Do you trust drivers to keep a safe distance between you and their car?

You only need to ask #TeamReClaim athlete Kimbeley Yap-Chelliah of the dangers of road cycling.


How to avoid cycling accidentsIn 2014, when in training for the 2014 Commonwealth Games and 2015 SEA Games, she was knocked off her bike by a car near Damansara, tearing her left thigh and calf and suffering injuries to her head, leaving her in a coma.

It was a cycling accident that could have been avoided. Now there’s a possible solution.

Australian company Cycliq has invented a rear facing HD camera with integrated red flashing lights — the Fly 6 and new model Fly 12 — which acts as a dash-cam similar to those used in vehicles by recording footage of every aspect of a cyclist’s journey. 




/Although the technology is reactive to what is happening on the road, the knowledge that motorists are being recorded could make drivers think twice about their behaviour.

More importantly, it can help authorities in piecing together the moments leading up to a fatal or near fatal collision.

The device can detect a car number plate from three metres away and comes with a tram-line feature that overlays digital lines to the cyclists’ footage, indicating when a vehicle has come too close to them.

It also has mobile app and social sharing, connectivity, meaning cyclists can instantly share their recordings with fellow cyclists or police if required.

 Since 2015, there have been 46 cyclists’ deaths on Australian roads. In Malaysia, Kimbeley’s case is not a one off.

Another national cyclist, Mohd Asmui Ali Awang, was killed in 2013 after being hit during training at Kampung Pulau Serai, Terengganu.

In 2012, four cyclists — Mariana Mohamad, Masziyaton Mohd Radzi, Mohd Aziz Zahit and Mohd Azri Ahmad — were hit by a swerving car in Putrajaya while trying to earn national selection.

It’s clear something has to be done.

Cyclic chief executive Andrew Hagen says, “The whole point of our mission is to make the motorists aware cyclists are obtaining footage, so hopefully they will apply a bit more caution,” he told

If you’re concerned about your safety on the road, call your insurance provider to make sure you are covered for treatment for your injuries and damage to your bike no matter where you are in the world.

At Re-Claim, we do all of that. Register today at to learn more about all our unique Re-Claim benefits including evacuation and overseas treatment for sports injuries and accidents and cover for damaged equipment.


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