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5 Mountain Bike Set-Up Tips To Raise Your Game

Maintaining your bike so it is road or trail ready is just as important as insuring it for damage. Here’s #TeamReClaim’s resident mountain bike guru Kenny Kwan with 5 important mountain bike set-up tips for a safe and enjoyable ride.


Mountain bike set-up tips

Bike Guru Kenny Kwan


1. Brakes

The brakes have got to be responsive but not dead. The last thing you want to do is lock your wheels when braking at high speed.


2. Tyre Pressure

You want to have appropriate tyre pressure according to the following factors:

  • Rider’s weight
  • Rider’s skill level
  • Terrain. IE: hard, dusty, loose pebbles, tree roots
  • Weather conditions. IE: wet or dry


3. Front Fork and Rear Shock Air Pressure

Again, this depends on key factors like rider’s weight, terrain and weather. It is also determined by the kind of mountain biking you are doing. Both downhill and cross country have different set-ups.


4. Correct Transmission Set Up

Can be 3 x 10, 2 x 11 or 1 x 12. It all depends on what event you are riding in.


5. Pedals

Flat pedals or clipless pedals to give you better mobility and performance. This may change depending on your level of experience.

Other elements to look out for when setting up your bike include saddle position, carbon wheel set, closed ratchet hubs and ceramic bottom bracket. These are all things that can enhance performance and skill level.

Mountain Bike Set-Up Tips infographic courtesy of SportsCover Direct in the UK.

5 Mountain Bike Set Up TipsInfographic by SportsCover Direct.

Join Team Re-Claim to receive Equipment Cover up to RM30,000.

Read our blog for more info:

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Limited Edition Lifeline ID Promotion

Limited Edition Lifeline ID Promotion

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Lifeline ID limited edition at best price

LifelineID is one of our major partners and they have a great wristband that comes engraved with your personal information, including blood type, emergency contact and a list of allergies.

The idea is you wear the LifelineID wristband and in the case of an emergency the person who attends to you is able to access vital information they need.

We think it’s a great tool and something that every person who is active out on the roads or mountain trails should wear.

Re-Claim has a limited edition Re-Claim branded LifelineID only available as a Re-Claim customer normally valued at RM61. Prices will Increase next year to RM65-68

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Allergies: Penicillin = 22 Characters

Emerg: Dad +60312345678 = 23 Characters

Blood Type: O Positive = 21 Characters

More Information _____________________

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How to pay us


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What Is Re-Claim? Chris Kha Khrang

Re-Claim Sports Equipment Cover Explained by Chris Kha Khrang

“They’ve got my back and my bike”

There’s no athlete more committed than a triathlete.

With a gruelling year-round training schedule, the life of a triathlete is one of dedication. Each discipline is just as important as the other.

For elite triathlete Chris Kha Khrang, it’s taken her years of learning from mistakes to truly comprehend how vital this is.

That’s why Chris is with Re-Claim.

On top of running and swimming every day, Chris takes no risk with her cycling equipment.

If she has an accident during cycling training or while cycling during a triathlon, she needs comfort knowing that both herself and her bike is covered.


Re-Claim Sports Equipment Cover Explained by Chris Kha Khrang


Unlike most insurances in Malaysia, Re-Claim offers sports equipment cover up to RM30,000.

If you have an accident and are hospitalised — and your bike is damaged as a result of the accident — Re-Claim covers the costs of your equipment up to 30,000 ringgit.

You can either repair your old bike or even buy a new one. Awesome, right?

But don’t just take it from us, here’s what Chris has to say!

Re-Claim is a great product for all cyclists.

I travel all the time for my events and my bike is my most prized asset.

If I were to have an accident, besides worrying about treatment and recovery from injuries, I would also have to worry about the cost of repairs to my bike.

“With Re-Claim they take care of everything.

“All cyclists would gain a lot more confidence knowing they are insured with Re-Claim.”



Unfortunately, Re-Claim doesn’t cover stolen or lost equipment or equipment damaged in transit on plane or by car.

We’ll only cover you if it is damaged in a sporting accident and are hospitalised.

What’s more, if the accident happens overseas, we’ll cover you for overseas treatment and emergency medical evacuation and repatriation as well as damage to your bike.

Re-Claim is Malaysia’s next-level, comprehensive sports accident insurance plan. To read more about our amazing sports equipment cover go to

Team Re-Claim — #WeGotYourBack

What Is Re-Claim – Shirt Giveaway

What Is Re-Claim – Shirt Giveaway

How to Participate?

For a chance to win a cool Re-Claim #UnderArmour shirt








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Person who does all 4 things and gets the most like wins. It’s that simple.

Winner will be announced 1 week after the video is first published. If you are the winner please DM us to redeem your prize.

Good Luck!

Terms and Conditions apply:

— Must live in Malaysia

— Like our Facebook page

Note: Actual shirt may differ depending on size, gender and availability.

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How To Cope When Your Performance Unravels

Ever found yourself in a difficult situation during a race, event or competition? Our #TeamReClaim athletes have revealed their secrets on how to cope when your performance unravels.


Peter Davis cope when your performance unravels

Peter Davis

Peter Davis. Elite Athlete. MMA Fighter:

“Physical body aside, everything you need to complete your race, event or training is mental. Talk to yourself as though you are coaching someone else with the drive to succeed. Make sure you push on as your body can most likely do it. Set small targets and goals on your path and when you reach them, feel good about it and focus on the next, and miraculously you’ll reach your destination faster than your think. This goes for obstacle course races, cycling, Brazilian jiu-jitsu training and grappling, too. One movement, one section of the course at a time.”


Jon Wong cope when your performance unravels

Jon Wong

Jon Wong. Gym Owner. Powerlifter:

“When your performance unravels, always remember the hard work and training that you’ve put into preparing for the event. Remember all the sacrifice, discipline and dedication to training before the event and let your body do what it can do. Sometimes there are things out of your control and it is important to adapt to the situation. Psychologically, it is important to relax but also be stimulated to the point that movement and performance increases. Too much adrenaline is counter-productive. Take deep breaths and re-focus your attention on the task ahead. Never let disappointment get the better of you.”


Chris Kha Krang cope when your performance unravels

Chris Kha Krang

Chris Kha Khrang. Elite Triathlete:

“I plan and visualise everything I am going to do in a race, regardless whether I have prepared correctly or not. I also set a strategy if my race doesn’t go to plan like packing extra food for the bike leg in case my nutrition is insufficient as well as medication like diarrhoea pills etc. I’ve had a very bad crash in an Ironman race before but I managed to walk and run and finish the race. But, sudden serious sickness and major mechanical problems can end your race. Apart from that, we all can finished an Ironman within 17 hours. Go do it.”


Shahrom Abdullah cope when your performance unravels

Shahrom Abdullah

Shahrom Abdullah. Adventurer. Ironman:

“When I am struggling in a race, I think of the pain I go through during training. As long as I can continue racing, I will try my best. Suffer but never surrender.”


Andrew Kwan Cope when your performance unravels

Andrew Kwan

Andrew Kwan. Gym Owner. Powerlifter:

“Remember the training. This is why the hours, the sweat, the blood, the tears that go into training is so significant. More often than not, when pressure builds, we start to doubt our ability. Training at a higher stimulus and pushing your limits behind closed doors is what people don’t see, but gives you that confidence in competition that you can’t buy. You also have to remember the purpose. As athletes, no one trains to come in second place. However, nothing is more significant than setting goals and ambitions that are greater than your own benefits. Fight for a bigger reason than yourself.”

Join Team Re-Claim to receive cover for sporting accidents 24/7, worldwide.

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3 Simple Core Workouts You Can Do At Home

We sat down with Team Re-Claim’s Jon Wong to get a bit of expert advice on better ab development using 3 simple core workouts you can do at home.

Q: Re-Claim: So Jon, how can the average Joe improve their core strength from home?

A: Jon Wong: Always remember true core strength does not come from 1000 reps of crunches and sit ups, but from increasing one’s strength to weight ratio for major compound movements such as squats, deadlifts and overhead presses.

One can always supplement core strength with isometric holds such as these:


1: Regular Planks

Jon Wong Regular Plank

Regular Plank


2) Hollow Holds

Jon Wong Hollow Holds

Hollow Holds


These movements are important as they challenge all core muscles and also helps with mobility and pre-habilitation.

Q: Re-Claim: These seem basic! What’s the next step if an individual keeps improving?

A: Jon Wong: Once you nail these movements, you can progress to more advanced bodyweight core strengthening exercises such as:


3) Dragon Flags

Jon Wong Dragon Flags

Dragon Flags


Start with negative reps (concentric portion) in order to get used to the movement and start with minimal reps and minimal sets.

Once the body is used to the movement, increase sets but keep the reps to a minimum.

As you get stronger, start incorporating the eccentric portion of the exercise at a higher point and work your way lower.

This particular exercise will increase one’s bodyweight strength mastery which will transfer to one’s overall conditioning.

A big thanks to Jon Wong for giving us the lowdown on these easy and effective exercises.

Jon Wong and his business partner Andrew Kwan are #TeamReClaim athletes. They know what it takes to reach their best. Check out their company Revelation Republic for the ultimate physical and mental workout.

Stay tuned for more #TeamReClaim tips via Facebook & Instagram

Join Team Re-Claim to receive cover for sports accidents and injuries 24/7, worldwide.

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Top 5 Scuba Diving Destinations in Malaysia

With Re-Claim providing 24-hour, worldwide cover on Scuba Diving accidents, we thought we’d help you along on your adventure with our Top 5 Scuba Diving destinations in Malaysia.


Pulau Tioman

A beautiful island on the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia off the mainland of Johor Bahru. Highlights include diving along 15 metre whale sharks between the peak months of April and June. The dive sites are mostly open to divers of all levels and the best times of year are between March and May and September and November.

Top 5 Scuba Diving Destinations in Malaysia pulau tioman

Pulau Tioman


Perhentian Island

A cluster of islands on the east coast of Malaysia known for wreck diving and easier dive locations. Sugar Wreck is the best place to get up close and personal with the gigantic grouper fish. The 90 metre sunken sugar hauler has been underwater since 2000 and is home to larger pelagic fish who have created an ecosystem of their own. Also recommended is Terumbu Tiga or Third Reef which is ideal for spotting black tip reef sharks. The best diving periods are between April and October every year.

Top 5 Scuba Diving Destinations in Malaysia Perhentian Island

Perhentian Islands


Lankayan Island

One of the hottest diving spots on the island of Borneo off the coast of Sabah. The diving conditions can get tough here so it is advisable to have some hours of diving under your belt before you attempt some of the tougher spots. However, most of the island is perfect for diving all year round. The journey from Sandakan to Lankayan is pretty long but well worth it. There’s only one resort on the island, so make sure to book in advance. Famous for hawksbill turtles and giant green turtles as well as the giant jawfish, a unique ambush predator that digs a hole and lies in wait for unsuspecting prey.

Top 5 Scuba Diving Destinations in Malaysia Lankayan

Beautiful schools of fish in Lankayan


Mabul Island

A perfect muck diving location off the coast of Sabah. Here you’ll find a plethora of small non-pelagic species like the nudibranch, a beautiful sea slug that is endemic to Mabul. Crocodile Avenue is the perfect place to spot the bizarre frog fish which can walk on their legs as well as the deadly blue ring octopus. The diving spots are accessible all year round and are generally safe for all levels of divers.

Top 5 Scuba Diving Destinations in Malaysia Mabul Island

Shallow Reef on Mabul Island


Sipadan Island

The crown jewel of Malaysian dive spots and perhaps the world. This Sabahan island is perhaps the closest we can get to an underwater paradise. The dive conditions are beautiful all year round and are generally easy dives, but some of the cave diving spots and open sea sites are for experts only and require a guide. Perhaps one of the best cave diving spots in Malaysia is Turtle Cavern, a unique labyrinth littered with hundreds of turtle skeletons.

Top 5 Scuba Diving Destinations in Malaysia Sipadan Island

A divers haven on Sipadan Island


Re-Claim provides cover for hospitalisation, access to decompression chamber and extended cover on rehabilitation if you have an accident while diving.

Read our blog Scuba Diving and Decompression Illness: How do I recover? to learn more.

For more information go to

*Terms and conditions apply

**Re-Claim does not cover commercial divers. We do cover qualified divers, those diving for leisure and those who stick to the depth limits of their qualification or unqualified divers accompanied by a qualified dive instructor up to the depth of 18 metres.

7 Hilarious Athlete Injuries You Can’t Predict

Athletes are sometimes regarded as mere mortals, accomplishing Olympian feats of strength, agility, dexterity and endurance. Yes, they suffer serious injuries but often return renewed and revitalised where average Joe would normally give up.

There’s times, though, where a slight slip or unfortunate mishap can bring these super-humans crashing down to earth. Here’s 8 of the funniest athlete injuries we’ve come across.


David Batty, Football — Death on 3 wheels

Kids, God bless them! What happens when a three-year-old girl on a tricycle rams into a man’s ankle? A season-ending injury. Perhaps former England, Leeds, Blackburn and Newcastle star David Batty wasn’t as nice with his Christmas gift to his daughter that year?

Athlete Injuries david batty

David Batty (left) could fly kick with the best, but it was a three-year-old and tricycle that brought him undone.


Svein Grøndalen, Football — When animals attack

Norwegian footballer Svein Grøndalen was out on a routine jog, keeping fit and ready to kick some goals. Instead he managed to ram head first into a moose. Wow! His injuries were so grievous he missed Norway’s World Cup qualifier against Finland.

Althete Injury

Moose alert!


Kim Clijsters, Tennis — Wedding drama

Tennis is a graceful sport. So, too are weddings. Yet in 2011, Belgian tennis queen Kim Clijsters jeopardised her French Open campaign after it was reported she “strained both the medial and lateral ligaments of her right ankle as well as suffering injuries to the ankle joint and tendon” at her cousin’s wedding. The reasons behind the slip were never revealed, but it’s safe to presume Kim should have been wearing flats.


Brandt Snedeker, Golf — Nice Segway!

Apart from overuse injures, rarely do you hear of accidents or injuries that happen on the golf course. What is more common is stories of pro golfers having an accident skiing. But

World No 20 Brandt Snedeker’s case tops the list. Snedeker landed awkwardly after falling from a Segway in China in 2013, bruising his left tibia and ACL, keeping him out for a couple of weeks. Ouch!


Lionel Letizi, Football — ‘M’ is for medical leave

Paris Saint-German goalkeeper Lionel Letizi probably didn’t expect a tame game of Scrabble to keep him off the pitch. In 2002, the Frenchman threw his back out reaching for a fallen Scrabble tile. LOL! They say he was trying to spell P-H-Y-S-I-O-T-H-E-R-A-P-Y

Athlete injuries Lionel Letizi

‘M’ is for Medical leave!


Sascha Bender, Football — Blowing in the wind

Usually most sports injuries occur by accident or pure negligence. Once in a while, it happens when an athlete gets punched in the face, even less when it’s by his own team mate and hardly ever when it’s for flatulence. But yes, believe it or not, Sascha Bender was punched in the face by Stuttgart Kickers teammate Christian Okpala for farting too much. Hilarious!


Blanka Vlašić, High Jump — Knock, Knock ….

Warming up is essential for all athletes and is supposed to be a non-hazardous exercise. But not for high jump starlet, Blanka Vlašić. The Croatian was stretching in her hotel room prior to the 2009 World Championships when she knocked her head on a door post, requiring six stitches. Despite missing the warmups, she cleared all four jumps in qualifying and went onto win gold.

Athlete Injuries Blanka Vlašić

Two-time world champion Blanka Vlašić


Join Team Re-Claim to receive cover for sporting accidents 24/7, worldwide.

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Scuba Diving and Decompression Illness: How do I recover?

Scuba Diving and Decompression Illness: How do I recover?

Decompression Illness, also known as divers’ disease or the bends, can be fatal if not treated properly.

Luckily, the team at Re-Claim has your back and covers divers accompanied by a qualified diver or qualified divers diving for the purpose of leisure** in the event they require emergency recompression treatment.

Heres a quick run-down of what decompression Illness is, what to look out for and how to treat it. Dive easy with Re-Claim!

What is Decompression Illness


Decompression Illness (DCI) is arguably the greatest risk posed to a diver and occurs as the gas in our bodies reacts to increasing atmospheric pressure as you dive deeper underwater.

The gasses in the body adjusts to the increase in pressure by compacting in liquid form within the tissues in your body.

Much like a can of cola that erupts to the change in pressure when opened, a diver who ascends back into low atmospheric pressure too quickly can force these packed liquid gasses into gaseous form and into the bloodstream, causing bubbles that block the blood vessels.

To stop this, divers must make frequent decompression stops at different points during their ascent to allow the compressed gasses the time and conditions to diffuse safely.

Sometimes though, a diver does not complete this process correctly and begins to show symptoms of decompression sickness after surfacing.

Symptoms of DCI Decompression Illness:

  • Fatigue

  • Weakness or numbness in limbs

  • Sharp pain in joints or muscles

  • Poor balance or coordination

  • Whole or partial paralysis


All symptoms require immediate medical attention and possible intervention. Any unusual symptoms that present post-dive should also be considered symptoms of DCI and treated accordingly.

While treatments such as 100 per cent oxygen and rest can be enough to eradicate minor symptoms, the only way to combat the debilitating and potentially fatal effects of severe DCI is through recompression. 

Scuba diving and decompression illness

Divers making their safety stops

How recompression works?


Re-exposing a Decompression Illness sufferer to the atmospheric pressures found underwater converts the gaseous bubbles back into their liquid form.

The safest way to achieve this recompression is through the use of a hyperbaric chamber. By pressurising the chamber and delivering 100 per cent oxygen to the individual, symptoms of Decompression Illness and their underlying causes can be treated and any further damage contained.

The importance of these chambers in the treatment and rehabilitation of Decompression Illness cant be overstated. Without the use of such a facility, recompression would have to be done manually.

This method is extremely difficult to predict and control and since the treatment may take several hours, it can also prove to be extremely dangerous for the DCI sufferer.

So what does this mean for you?


While the statistical risk of developing serious symptoms of Decompression Illness is relatively low (around 0.05 per cent), it is important to understand the medical options available to you, as well as the need for timely response in the treatment of Decompression Illness.

Having access to a hyperbaric chamber is your number one priority in the case of a severe medical emergency.

Contacting Dive Alert Network (DAN) on +1-919-684-2948 or via is your first port of call when trying to find the closest decompression chamber.

With Re-Claim, we can also help you access this treatment, putting you in touch with one of our panel hospitals here in Malaysia who has a hyperbaric chamber.

Without insurance, hyperbaric treatment can cost around RM25,000, but with Re-Claim’s Sports Accident Insurance policy, the only thing you have to worry about is getting back to your best.

Watch our 2 min presentation on Re-Claim at and sign up today!

For more information go to

*Terms and conditions apply

**Re-Claim does not cover commercial divers. We do cover qualified divers, diving for leisure and who stick the the depth limits of their qualification or unqualified divers accompanied by a qualified dive instructor up to the depth of 18 metres.