Re-Claim’s Sports Specific Physio and Rehab Explained



Jon Wong & Andrew Kwan Explain Re-Claim’s Sports Specific Physio and Rehab


If you want tough, then Andrew Kwan and Jonathan Wong are your guys. As the muscle-power behind Revelation Republic, this dynamic duo are the kind of passionate fitness enthusiasts Team Re-Claim loves.

Their strength and conditioning business, Revelation Republic, focuses on everything hardcore — powerlifting, cross-fit, bodybuilding and plyometrics — inspiring thousands of Malaysians to achieve their personal fitness goals and to attain a better physique.

Jon says, “Our joy comes from coaching, teaching and helping our clients reach their fitness goals in addition to coaching competitive athletes to reach their potential in major tournaments across Malaysia.”

As athletes themselves, they push their bodies to the max. They’ve competed in numerous national powerlifting, Test of Will and CrossFit events and are always the benchmark for success.

But there’s a price to pay from training and working out everyday. Injuries.

That’s why they’re with Re-Claim. They get cover on sports specific physio and rehab up to 180 days.


Re-Claim’s Sports Specific Physio and Rehab Explained

Team Re-Claim’s Jon (left) and Andrew (right)

“Rehab can be long and painful”


If you have a sports accident and are hospitalised, Re-Claim provides a professionally guided road to recovery thanks to cover on sports specific rehabilitation and physiotherapy.

Re-Claim’s partner Kuala Lumpur Sports Medicine Centre (KLSMC) offers modern gymnasium and exercise programmes specially tailored for each patient.

You also get expert advice from specialised physiotherapists who can recommend the most appropriate therapy for you and your injury.

You can rest in peace knowing that with your specialised rehabilitation you’ll be back in action in no time. Plus, you’re covered for rehab expenses up to 180 days, which is twice as long as most insurances.




Andrew says having access to Re-Claim provides comfort knowing that if they tear a muscle or something vital, they will receive the support they need.

“Injuries happen. It’s a fact of our human nature. I wouldn’t be able to train to my fullest potential if I didn’t have the confidence in the coverage I’ve invested in,” he says.

Re-Claim is Malaysia’s next-level, comprehensive sports accident insurance plan. To read more about our unique benefits go to

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Angeline Ong joins Team Re-Claim

Angeline Ong joins Team Re-Claim

Pushing our bodies and testing the limits is just one part of sport and fitness. Understanding the human body so we know how it reacts when we push it too far is just as important.

That’s why we’re excited to welcome professional Yoga teacher and fitness professional Angeline Ong onto Team Re-Claim.

Angeline’s long relationship with fitness and her deep knowledge in Yoga and the human body has had a great impact on her teaching and status within the industry in Malaysia.

After falling in love with yoga and spending years mastering her trade across the world, she is now certified in Vinyasa Yoga from Dristhi Yoga Teacher Training and a registered teacher at Yoga Alliance.

On top of that she runs private Yoga classes all across Kuala Lumpur.

She says, “Whether your goal is to release stress, lose weight or to increase your energy, yoga is the answer for you.”

Angeline’s 5 benefits of Yoga

  1. It’s fun and helps you relax and relieve stress
  2. Helps you lose weight and maintain weight permanently
  3. Helps you focus, boost your energy levels and balance your lifestyle
  4. Improves your flexibility and helps tone your body
  5. Relieves back pain and helps cure diseases

Naturally, Angeline is also very aware of injuries.

To satisfy her curiosity in human anatomy and physiology, she became a trained therapeutic massage therapist for sport injuries.

She’s even suffered her own share of injuries, one of the reasons she has joined Team Re-Claim.

“Three years back I had quite a serious injury around my cervical vertebrae. It affected my ability to move my left arm for half year and the treatments and rehab were expensive.

“With Re-Claim I now get the coverage I need for personal damages and most importantly for follow up treatments when I have an accident or injury.”

Much of what Angeline does is about educating other people about the importance of a healthy lifestyle. This includes informing people of the benefits of sports insurance.

Angeline Ong Joins Team Re-Claim“I want to create more awareness for people who are active in sports on the importance of accident and injury cover as you never know when it will come in handy,” she says.

We’re excited to welcome Angeline to
Team Re-Claim.

Stay tuned to hear more from Angeline via Facebook & Instagram over the next few weeks.

Make sure you head to to receive more information on our 24/7, worldwide sports accident cover.

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Most Common Rock Climbing Injuries

Rock climbing is a fun, exciting sport and great way to keep fit and active. But you need to know the risks involved so you can prepare correctly and avoid injury. Team Re-Claim’s rock climbing expert Siti Nursara outlines the most common rock climbing injuries and tips on how to prevent them.


Finger Injuries

There are three major types of finger injuries:

  • An A2 pulley injury can happen when sudden pressure is placed on the hand. This can cause an alarming popping sound. About 90 per cent of all rock climbing injuries come from this.
  • Collateral ligament strains when a climber places too much pressure on the side-pulling hand while stretching with the other to grab a hold.
  • “Climber’s finger” or injury to the flexor tendon sheath can happen when a climber uses their finger to support their entire body weight. This strain can cause a loud pop followed by intense paid that may require surgery.

Tips with Sara: The small finger joints handle a lot of different stresses and strains while climbing. They are exposed to compressions, shearing, twisting and traction. Using finger tape is one way to reduce finger injuries getting worse. The basic idea is to create a layer of protection to prevent your skin from ripping. Research shows that taping for finger tendons or pulley injuries is sometimes ineffective. Rest is the best remedy.


Common Rock Climbing injuries Fingers

Recovery from finger injuries during training with KT tape.


Knuckle Stress Fractures

Knuckle stress fractures are caused by too much stress on the knuckles. Inflammation and pain can become excruciating especially when grabbing holds that are too small for the fingertips.

Tips with Sara: Knuckle stress fractures mainly happen during crack climbing. There are two main reasons for using tape for crack climbing; skin protection and structural support.

Uses of tape:

  • Protection of dressings
  •  Holding padding in place
  • Compression of an injury, blood and/or swelling
  • Support of recent joint or muscle injuries and protection from further injury
  • Limitation of range of motion at a joint
  • Support of an area to aid early return to sport


common rock climbing injuries knuckles

Correct finger and knuckle taping is important



As rock climbing is more punishing on the pulling muscles such as the biceps, forearms and trapezius muscles, the tendons tend to get strained and cause elbow and shoulder aches which can be attributed to tendonitis.

Tips with Sara: Shoulder tendinitis is a common overuse injury in sports climbing where the arm is used in an overhead motion. Shoulder tendonitis can be prevented by focusing on exercising the pushing muscles such as the pectorals, triceps and anterior deltoids to balance the strain on the tendons. The best treatment if injured is Rest, Ice, Medication.

Rest — Avoid things that hurt or make the pain worse the next day. Avoid the activity that started the problem. Your doctor may recommend a sling to immobilise the shoulder.

Ice — Apply an ice bag (over a towel) to your shoulder at least twice a day for 20 minutes. Also apply ice after any activity that aggravates your shoulder pain.

Medication — Your doctor may prescribe anti-inflammatory or analgesic medication to relieve pain and inflammation while your body’s natural healing process begins. An injection of cortisone with novocaine into the shoulder may be recommended. After receiving an injection, do not attempt any vigorous activities with your arm for at least two weeks.


Common Rock Climbing Injuries Siti nursara

Rest is the best treatment for tendon injuries


Rock Climbing Falls

Rock climbing falls can be nasty and potentially fatal. Accidents are sometimes unavoidable but you can mitigate the severity by using helmets and making sure you are physically and psychologically prepared.

Tips with Sara:

a) Make sure you have proper equipment for climbing and the most important thing is the equipment is in good condition.

b) You must always warm up correctly before climbing. Skip this step at your own peril.

c) It’s equally important to know your own strengths and weaknesses. You may be excited to start climbing but you don’t want to overdo it.

d) It’s necessary to rest in between climbing attempts. This is particularly vital for those who are new to bouldering. Your body won’t be familiar with the various types of movements, so don’t be afraid to take breaks.


common rock climbing injuries siti nursara mid climb

Know your capabilities and have fun.


Re-Claim offers 24/7, worldwide sports accident cover including protection for sports such as rock climbing and sports climbing.

For more information go to

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What Is The World’s Toughest Sport?

It comes as no surprise that different sports require unique skill sets. Yet, determining the world’s toughest sport can be difficult. What exactly does tough mean?

We’ve gone through what we think are 8 of the most gruelling and physically taxing sports and ranked them out of 10 based endurance, speed, strength, agility, skill and physicality.

Here’s our list. Do you agree?

Pure maths will tell you Ironman Triathlon has to rank up there as one of the toughest sports in the world. It combines swimming, cycling and running and if you consider Ironman as an example, it consists of an open water swim, a stage of the Tour de France and a marathon. Pure steel.

Endurance 10

Speed 3

Strength 4

Agility 3

Skill 3

Physicality 3

Total = 26 tough points


Worlds Toughest Sport Cycling


As Malaysia’s most popular sport, we all know how gruelling Football is. Athletes are required to have blistering speed, sublime skill and the agility to dribble, evade and hold possession. Not to mention the sheer number of matches the pro’s play. It gets 32 on the Tough-O-Metre

Endurance 6

Speed 7

Strength 4

Agility 5

Skill 5

Physicality 5

Total = 32 tough points


World's Toughest Sport Football


Gymnastics also gets on our list. Given each athlete needs to be versatile enough to excel on each apparatus — floor, rings, beam, bar, vault — the stamina and toughness required to succeed is high.

Endurance 2

Speed 3

Strength 9

Agility 10

Skill 9

Physicality 0

Total = 33 tough points


World's Toughest Sport Gymnastics


You may think Basketball is perhaps not that hardcore, but considering the dexterity and strength needed to constantly jump, slam dunk and shoot three-pointers under pressure, it’s no wonder basketball ranks near the top.

Endurance 6

Speed 7

Strength 6

Agility 6

Skill 7

Physicality 3

Total = 35 tough points


World's Toughest Sport Basketball


Ice Hockey perhaps isn’t the most common sport in Malaysia, but watch a game or two and you’ll be wondering how the players aren’t a gooey mess by the end. It tests all aspects of a player’s repertoire.

Endurance 5

Speed 7

Strength 6

Agility 6

Skill 8

Physicality 8

Total = 39 tough points


World's Toughest Sport Ice Hockey


Rugby (Union and League) is immediately recognised as a brutal sport and not just because of the immense levels of physicality involved, but also the deft skills, pace and strategies required to defeat the opposition.

Endurance 7

Speed 6

Strength 8

Agility 4

Skill 5

Physicality 10

Total = 40 tough points


World's Toughest Sport Rugby


It takes a lot of courage to step inside the Boxing ring or MMA cage. Punching, grappling, wrestling, defending, footwork — you need it all. Thus, core skills such as power and flexibility combined with speed and agility is essential. Serious injuries and sometimes death can occur, so naturally you need to be pretty tough.

Endurance 6

Speed 7

Strength 8

Agility 5

Skill 4

Physicality 10

Total = 40 tough points


World's Toughest Sport Boxing


And finally Water Polo. Water Polo has been officially declared the most difficult sport as the players have to be at peak physical capacity just to survive a game. Treading water, evading vicious blows, wrestling, grappling, swimming up to 2km and powering the ball in the back of the net with a rocket arm. It’s no wonder it ranks on top on our tough list.

Endurance 9

Speed 7

Strength 7

Agility 7

Skill 6

Physicality 8

Total = 44 tough points


World's Toughest Sport Water Polo


Other sports considered “Tough” include American Football, Australian Rules Football, Rowing, Tennis and in more modern times CrossFit.

If you compete in a sport you think is tougher, let us know on Facebook

*List compiled based on similar reports from ESPN and Bleacher Report

Best Obstacle Course Races To Get Ready For

Best Obstacle Course Races To Get Ready For

It seems 2016 was the year of obstacle course races, with thousands of Malaysians getting down and dirty for a bit of fun. Here’s a list of some of the most arduous and exciting events to look out for and some important tips on how to prepare for them.

Event: Warriors Challenge

Where: Kuala Lumpur

When: December 10, 2016

What to expect: This military themed race is huge. The challenges are spread into five sections. The first section includes a 2km obstacle race followed by a steep 3.5km ascent up Bukit Besi hiking trail. Next is a rock climbing section which leads to a 2.4km cross country race. Feeling breathless already? The Finisher, as the last leg is called, requires competitors to carry a 20kg sand bag, bullet vessel or 25kg log. This is where warriors are made!



Event: Score Amazonian Race

Where: Sepang

When: January 7, 2017

What to expect: Get ready for Malaysia’s biggest women’s only obstacle course race featuring a 5km trail with 12 obstacles. There’s no racing against the clock and you don’t have to be a fully-trained fitness junkie. Just do it your way!


Best Obstacle Course Races To Watch Out For Score Amazonian Race

A day for the ladies at Amazonian Run. Source:


Event: Legion Run

Where: Setia Ecohill  

When: January 14, 2017

What to expect: With the tagline, “this is not a race, this is not a competition” thrust yourself into an action packed day of pure wicked fun for all grown-ups. Legion Run is a 5km team-oriented run with 20 plus obstacles of mud, fire, ice and barbed wire. Perfect for family, friends and even co-workers.



Event: Warrior Trail Malaysia

Where: Semenyih Ecoventure Resort

When: January 30-31, 2017

What to expect: A chance for the average man and woman to test their physical fitness and mental toughness on one of the most demanding obstacle courses in Asia. You will be challenged with obstacles such as catapults, climbing structures and five water stations. You’ll also need great shoes with correct grip as well as sturdy gloves to protect your hands. Be ready to commando crawl to victory.

Take a glimpse at slosh and mud that awaits.



Event: Viper Challenge Singapore

When: February 11, 2017

Where: Sentosa, Singapore

What to expect: Asia’s marquee obstacle event returns to Sentosa Island, Singapore. Run and challenge yourselves in Viper Challenge’s only beach event of the year. Enjoy scenic sandy beaches and amazing new obstacles to push you to your limits.



Event: Spartan Sprint Malaysia

Where: Greater Kuala Lumpur

When: March 12, 2017

What to expect: Following the success of the Reebok Spartan Race in October, there’s now a sprint event perfect for athletes of all levels; from Spartan first timers to seasoned racers. Make sure to wear the correct apparel and prepare with core and upper body strength training.


Best Obstacle Course Races To Watch Out For Spartan Sprint

Reebok Spartan Race, 2015


Sounds like fun? If you’re keen to get active over these next few months, grab some friends and register for these events today.

Also join Team Re-Claim to receive 24/7, worldwide sports accident cover.

We’ll cover you for accidental death and permanent disability as well as personal liability in the case of an accident at an event.

For more information go to

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Siti Nursara Joins Team Re-Claim

We’re proud to announce the latest addition to Team Re-Claim, a pocket-rocket who dominates by both land and sea, Penang’s Siti Nursara.

Siti Nursara Joins team re-claim

If it’s extreme, she loves it. When she’s not beneath the surface teaching hundreds of people how to scuba dive as a professional dive instructor, she’s up the wall at her local rock climbing centre taking on the boys, pushing, reaching and climbing higher.

And with Re-Claim providing cover for extreme sports and activities — 24/7, worldwide — we’re glad Sara is on board to share her scuba diving and rock climbing experience.

Sara has been a diving instructor with Scuba Diving International since 2012. In that time, she has seen many accidents and is passionate about teaching diving safety.

“Scuba diving safety is very important as you are underwater and the risks are higher. The first rule is you have to keep breathing, never hold your breath. Also make sure you follow your dive leader, check your equipment and your buddy’s equipment and do not ascend too fast.”

Unfortunately, Sara has seen many mistakes in her career and says that is when accidents happen.

“People need to be careful and very aware while they are underwater. Accidents can happen quite easily. It’s good though there is a product like Re-Claim that can support scuba divers should something go wrong.”

Far away from the depths of the ocean, Sara spends most of her time rock climbing. She trains to improve her skills and to stay fit at the same time.

Siti Nursara Joins team re-claimBut it’s the competition that she really loves.

“I love rock climbing for the competition. When you ascend or the reach top without rope tied by belayer, that feeling that you’ve won, that feeling of success, it’s amazing. I also like to compete with the guys. It’s great motivation. I look how hard they train and I want to be at their level and beat them.”


Wow, what an attitude! We’re so excited to partner with Sara for the next year.

Stay tuned for more cool rock climbing and scuba diving tips with Siti Nursara via Facebook & Instagram over the next few weeks.


Make sure you head to to receive more information on our 24/7, worldwide sports cover.

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5 Smart Travel Tips For Competing Overseas With Shahrom Abdullah

5 Smart Travel Tips For Competing Overseas With Shahrom Abdullah

Here’s  Shahrom Abdullah with a few expert travel tips for competing overseas

Re-Claim: Shahrom, how important is preparation and doing the correct planning before you leave for competing overseas?

Shahrom: Preparation is key. Book your flights as early as possible to save costs and aim to reach your destination at least three to four days before the race, especially if you are racing in different time zones and different weather. Getting over jet lag and adjusting to warmer or cooler weather can take time.

Your lodging should ideally be close to the race site and within cycling or running distance to avoid stress in the morning of the race. If you’re staying far away, make sure you know the route to the race start and give yourself enough time to allow for traffic and road closures on race morning.

travel tips for competing overseas preparation


Re-Claim: Great! And what about your equipment?

Shahrom: If you bring your bike for competing overseas make sure your bicycle is race ready. It is worth the effort to learn how to pack, set up and tune your own bike, especially if you travel a lot for races. Always send your bike for service or tuning before packing it up to head overseas. The last thing you want is a mechanical problem on the bike after spending months training for your race.

travel tips for competing overseas equipment stored


Re-Claim: You mentioned adjusting to local time is important. How do you combat jet lag when competing overseas?

Shahrom: Jet lag is very likely when you are on long flights and the further you travel, the worse it gets. Try to adjust to local time as soon as possible. If you’re exhausted upon arrival, stay up until the evening.

travel tips for competing overseas adjust sleep patterns


Re-Claim: As a triathlete, you have a lot of clothes, accessories and equipment to bring? Does any of it go missing?

Shahrom: You need to organise your gear. The night before the race, lay out all your equipment and accessories and go through your checklist. For easier sorting, put related items in separate bags.

travel tips for competing overseas organise gear


Re-Claim: And diet is important. You can’t rely on airplane food to get you through?

Shahrom: Staying hydrated is the easiest way for your body to cope with travel, especially on flights where the atmosphere is dry. Always have a water bottle with you to sip throughout your journey. As for food, stick to normal and simple food. Try to minimise junk food intake as this will just add to your lethargy.

travel tips for competing overseas stay hydrated


Shahrom Abdullah is an elite athlete and adventurer, who in January 2016 became the first Malaysian to conquer the South Pole, trekking and skiing for 37 days.

You can contact Shahrom on his Facebook page

Stay tuned for more Team Re-Claim tips via Facebook & Instagram

Join Team Re-Claim to receive cover for sports accidents and injuries 24/7, worldwide.

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Re-Claim International Sports Accident Cover With Shahrom Abdullah

“What happens if I have an accident overseas?”


International Sports Accident Cover explained by Shahrom Abdullah

Shahrom Abdullah is an athlete and adventurer. He travels all across the world to compete and pushes his limits like no one else.

After a successful career as an elite triathlete, Shahrom decided to turn his attention to adventure racing and other superhuman feats.

In January 2016, Shahrom became the first Malaysian to conquer the South Pole, trekking and skiing for 37 days. It normally takes most other people 50 to 60 days. His only injury?

“I got a bit of frostbite on my right cheek. I had to rub some hot water on it,” he says.

Talk about tough!


International sports accident cover Shahrom Abdullah


But when it comes to preparation, Shahrom is extra careful.

That’s why he is with Re-Claim.

He knows that if something goes wrong overseas, he has the necessary protection to support his family.

With Re-Claim’s international sports accident cover, if you have an accident overseas which requires emergency evacuation, you will receive helicopter and medical evacuation from the site of the accident, as well as hospital cover and repatriation and transport to the nearest hospital or back home to Malaysia, whichever is appropriate.

What’s more, if you require treatment overseas, you can undergo surgery abroad without worrying about additional costs. We work with your other insurances and pay when your standard medical cover stops paying.

“I can compete and travel overseas for sporting adventures without out having to worry about what would happen if I have an accident,” says Shahrom


On top of that, Re-Claim international sports accident cover not only covers you for overseas treatment as a result of an accident in another country, but we’ll also cover you for treatment overseas if it is recommended by the attending doctor in Malaysia that you be transferred to a hospital outside of Malaysia for specialist treatment.

All you need to do is prove that the treatment, assistance or aid required overseas is not possible in Malaysia.

We will review and approve the necessity of the overseas treatment and top up or pay the full amount of your medical bill.

So, if you rack up the frequent flyer points like Shahrom, contact us today to see how you can enjoy 24/7, worldwide cover.

Re-Claim is Malaysia’s next-level, comprehensive sports accident insurance plan. To read more about our unique benefits go to

Team Re-Claim — #WeGotYourBack

You can contact Shahrom on Facebook

Riley Tah Joins Team Re-Claim

Riley Tah Joins Team Re-Claim

Rilely Tah joins team Re-Claim.

We are proud to announce the latest addition to Team Re-Claim, fitness and healthy living ambassador Riley Tah.

Riley, 24, practises a healthy lifestyle and loves anything that gets her heart racing. You can regularly find her at the gym, pumping iron at her weekly weights sessions or sweating it out at body combat, body pump and RPM classes.

And if she’s not there, she’s most probably channelling her zen moment on the yoga mat. 

“I incorporate exercise into my daily routine because I feel so energised after that,” says Riley. “I’m constantly trying to push my limits and get better every single day. There’s nothing like the satisfaction of seeing results after the hard work you put in.” 

It’s all about life balance too, with Riley juggling her day job as a chartered accountant.

We welcome Riley to Team Re-Claim and look forward to a fantastic 2017.

Follow Riley on Instagram @riley.tah

Re-Claim, We’ve Got Your Back

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Best Mountain Bike Trails In Malaysia

Mountain biking is becoming an increasingly popular sport for thrill seekers. Littered with thousands of miles of well maintained trails that meander and wind across magnificent topography and through primeval jungles, hills, mountains and cities, Malaysia has become a hotbed for mountain biking in Asia. Here’s our top picks for the best mountain biking trails in Malaysia.


Taman Bukit Kiara

Best mountain bike trails in malaysia Bukit Kiara

Taman Bukit Kiara MTB Trail. Source:

Our first destination is Taman Bukit Kiara situated on the outskirts of Kuala Lumpur. The track is 10km long and offers soft switchbacks and medium gradient slopes. It has medium-level ranking, so you will need some know how in mountain biking to get through this cross-country trail safely and efficiently.


Putra Challenge Park

Best mountain bike trails in malaysia Putrajaya challenge

Situated near Kuala Lumpur International Airport is Putra Challenge Park. You can spend an entire day here whizzing up and down the pump tracks, dirt tracks, down hill trails and many other features. Suitable for all levels of experience.


Kota Damansara Community Forest


Kota Damansara Community Forest is roughly 3.8km from Taman Bukit Kiara. There are two trails suitable for mountain biking that take you through a lush primary forest reserve featuring 8km of easy flat tracks and slightly tighter spots. The ride is generally fast, yet easy enough for beginners.


The Forest Research Institute of Malaysia

Best mountain bike trails in malaysia

The Forest Research Institute of Malaysia is a hidden gem for mountain bikers. Set in yet another mystical primary forest within the city, this course is full of wonderful things to see as well as being challenging enough to thrill most riders. The trail is very windy and goes through forest trails, bridges and little streams ensuring a muddy and fun ride. The trail is safe for all levels of bikers.


The Setia Alam Trails

Best mountain bike trails in malaysia Setia Alam Trails

The Setia Alam trails are certainly one of the most challenging trails near the city. The Kuala Lumpur Bike Hash sees hundreds of bikers gather to race through a track peppered with extreme downhill drops, single tracks and rocky gardens. We suggest at least an intermediate level of mountain biking for these trails.


Penang Island


Outside of the Klang Valley, Penang Island has some great surprises for bikers. The small island holds some of the steepest trails around the Penang Hills. This leads to an exhilarating fast single track with roots and sharp corners that are best handled by expert level technical riders.


Langkawi Island

Best mountain bike trails in malaysia Langkawi island

Langkawi International Mountain Bike Challenge 2013

Langkawi Island also boasts some magnificent trails and hosts regular competitions. It was the home of the Langkawi International Mountain Bike Challenge from 2010 to 2014.


Cameron Highlands


Finally, the magnum opus of mountain biking in Malaysia, Cameron Highlands. The highlands boast cool weather and relatively drier and compact trails. There are two major trails here with the easiest being the 8km MNS Cameron Airport Circuit.

The gradient is generally low and the ride is much more scenic than challenging. The MNS Habu Circuit is a whopping 34km of arduous and often treacherous slopes, almost sheer downhill drops and cliffs that require skill, sharp reflexes and steady nerves.

Before your next ride, whether on one of these amazing trails or overseas, check out Re-Claim our blog on Equipment Cover.

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