Pushing our bodies and testing the limits is just one part of sport and fitness. Understanding the human body so we know how it reacts when we push it too far is just as important.

That’s why we’re excited to welcome professional Yoga teacher and fitness professional Angeline Ong onto Team Re-Claim.

Angeline’s long relationship with fitness and her deep knowledge in Yoga and the human body has had a great impact on her teaching and status within the industry in Malaysia.

After falling in love with yoga and spending years mastering her trade across the world, she is now certified in Vinyasa Yoga from Dristhi Yoga Teacher Training and a registered teacher at Yoga Alliance.

On top of that she runs private Yoga classes all across Kuala Lumpur.

She says, “Whether your goal is to release stress, lose weight or to increase your energy, yoga is the answer for you.”

Angeline’s 5 benefits of Yoga

  1. It’s fun and helps you relax and relieve stress
  2. Helps you lose weight and maintain weight permanently
  3. Helps you focus, boost your energy levels and balance your lifestyle
  4. Improves your flexibility and helps tone your body
  5. Relieves back pain and helps cure diseases

Naturally, Angeline is also very aware of injuries.

To satisfy her curiosity in human anatomy and physiology, she became a trained therapeutic massage therapist for sport injuries.

She’s even suffered her own share of injuries, one of the reasons she has joined Team Re-Claim.

“Three years back I had quite a serious injury around my cervical vertebrae. It affected my ability to move my left arm for half year and the treatments and rehab were expensive.

“With Re-Claim I now get the coverage I need for personal damages and most importantly for follow up treatments when I have an accident or injury.”

Much of what Angeline does is about educating other people about the importance of a healthy lifestyle. This includes informing people of the benefits of sports insurance.

Angeline Ong Joins Team Re-Claim“I want to create more awareness for people who are active in sports on the importance of accident and injury cover as you never know when it will come in handy,” she says.

We’re excited to welcome Angeline to
Team Re-Claim.

Stay tuned to hear more from Angeline via Facebook & Instagram over the next few weeks.

Make sure you head to www.bestsportsdoctors.com to receive more information on our 24/7, worldwide sports accident cover.

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