Re-Claim  is Malaysia’s next-level, comprehensive sports accident insurance plan designed for all hard-core fitness and sports enthusiasts. 

People who know their limits and go beyond them. If the worst happens and you experience a sports related injury, no matter where you are in the world Re-Claim has you covered. Here are 6 scenarios where a phone call to us will solve all your issues.

1. You are on the golf course and you get hit in the head by a stray ball. You are rushed to hospital for treatment but are misdiagnosed and are permanently paralysed as a result of the injury and mistreatment. We will pay for 100 per cent of your benefit and will send your medical records to a BestDoctors™ specialist for second opinion to determine if there was negligent handling of your case.

6 SITUATIONS WHERE RE-CLAIM sports accident insurance plan will COME TO YOUR RESCUE


2. Someone drops-in on you at your favourite surf break and causes you to wipeout, hitting your head on his board and snapping your own board in the process. We’ll not only cover you for reconstructive surgery on your fractured eye-socket, but will also take care of that expensive board as you were hospitalised due to the collision.

3. You’ve sustained a right ankle ligament injury playing futsal. Your first treatment and basic rehabilitation didn’t work and you are still on the sidelines. With Re-Claim, you will have access to sports specific physiotherapy and rehabilitation not normally covered under your standard medical plan. You can rest in peace knowing that with your specialised rehabilitation you’ll be back on the court and pain free in no time.

4. You are competing in Marathon Des Sables, an ultra-marathon in the Sahara desert and you collapse mid-race. You are taken to hospital and treated for severe dehydration and heatstroke. Re-Claim sports accident Insurance plan will top up the excess of your hospital bill in Morocco and will pay for your evacuation back home to Malaysia if doctors advise that is the best option for you.

5. You are suffering from a knee cartilage injury sustained during a gruelling two-week badminton tournament. This type of injury will not go away with standard treatment. With stem cell therapy at the Kuala Lumpur Sports Medicine Centre, doctors will use your own blood stem cells, coupled with surgical intervention and physiotherapy to regenerate your damaged hyaline joint cartilage, reducing the time you spend on the sidelines.

6. You are on the road training for your next cycling adventure. You take the extreme racing line but lose control and end up taking out a fellow cyclist. On top of covering your hospitalisation and treatment, we will cover all damages to the other person so the only pain you will feel is to your damaged ego and not your bank balance.

Head to and watch our 2 minute animation and find out what re-claim sports accident insurance plan really is.

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