Stem Cell Therapy

It is important to know that if injuries happen, you can get the best treatment possible.

— Grace Lee

Ever wondered how sports pros bounce back into action so quickly? Well, we’ll let you in on their secret. Stem Cell Therapy.
Unlike most other insurance companies, Re-Claim covers you for stem cell therapy at Kuala Lumpur Sports Medicine Centre (KLSMC) if you suffer an injury as a result of a sports accident.
Traditional surgery can be quite complex and recovery is painful, requiring a lengthy rehab period to restore strength and mobility. KLSMC’s expert doctors will use your own blood stem cells, coupled with surgical intervention and physiotherapy to regenerate the damaged cartilage in less than six weeks, speeding up the recovery process.
Even more amazing is you can harvest your own stem cells for the future, meaning if you have another devastating injury 6-months’ later, your body will be insured to deal with the recovery.

We will pay you for Stem Cell Therapy only if the related surgery for the sport related bodily injury is performed at KLSMC.