Jon Wong & Andrew Kwan Explain Re-Claim’s Sports Specific Physio and Rehab


If you want tough, then Andrew Kwan and Jonathan Wong are your guys. As the muscle-power behind Revelation Republic, this dynamic duo are the kind of passionate fitness enthusiasts Team Re-Claim loves.

Their strength and conditioning business, Revelation Republic, focuses on everything hardcore — powerlifting, cross-fit, bodybuilding and plyometrics — inspiring thousands of Malaysians to achieve their personal fitness goals and to attain a better physique.

Jon says, “Our joy comes from coaching, teaching and helping our clients reach their fitness goals in addition to coaching competitive athletes to reach their potential in major tournaments across Malaysia.”

As athletes themselves, they push their bodies to the max. They’ve competed in numerous national powerlifting, Test of Will and CrossFit events and are always the benchmark for success.

But there’s a price to pay from training and working out everyday. Injuries.

That’s why they’re with Re-Claim. They get cover on sports specific physio and rehab up to 180 days.


Re-Claim’s Sports Specific Physio and Rehab Explained

Team Re-Claim’s Jon (left) and Andrew (right)

“Rehab can be long and painful”


If you have a sports accident and are hospitalised, Re-Claim provides a professionally guided road to recovery thanks to cover on sports specific rehabilitation and physiotherapy.

Re-Claim’s partner Kuala Lumpur Sports Medicine Centre (KLSMC) offers modern gymnasium and exercise programmes specially tailored for each patient.

You also get expert advice from specialised physiotherapists who can recommend the most appropriate therapy for you and your injury.

You can rest in peace knowing that with your specialised rehabilitation you’ll be back in action in no time. Plus, you’re covered for rehab expenses up to 180 days, which is twice as long as most insurances.




Andrew says having access to Re-Claim provides comfort knowing that if they tear a muscle or something vital, they will receive the support they need.

“Injuries happen. It’s a fact of our human nature. I wouldn’t be able to train to my fullest potential if I didn’t have the confidence in the coverage I’ve invested in,” he says.

Re-Claim is Malaysia’s next-level, comprehensive sports accident insurance plan. To read more about our unique benefits go to

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