Tennis training techniques to improve your fitness

Tennis training techniques to improve your fitness

Team Re-Claim’s Sina Port is an elite tennis player and fitness professional who’s on a mission to promote athletic lifestyles to people around the world.

Her travel community, Athletify The World, is a global movement which connects and supports talents in the fitness industry worldwide.

As a fitness coach, she has designed and championed dynamic workout routines that fuse distinct tennis techniques into general fitness concepts.

We caught up with Sina to explain her concept.

Re-Claim: So Sina, what is tennis fusion fitness?

Sina: Well, the concept of fusing distinct tennis techniques into general fitness can help athletes create complex movement structures.

Sina: These structures fuel existing fitness techniques of strength and flexibility and help avoid one-sided pressure which athletes often face, particularly in tennis and other racquet sports.

Re-Claim: How does it work?

Sina: Most racquet sports require full body movements. So, the balance between upper and lower body and left and right body strength is important.

Sina: Normally, athletes transfer power from the lower body through the core into the racquet, which is stabilised by the arms and hands. A full-body workout is required to keep balance in the body structure and avoid injuries through one-sided pressure.

Sina: It’s all about applying a full-body workout that we need in tennis, to all fitness programmes.

Tennis Fusion Fitness Training Techniques

Sina emphasises the important of full-body workout

Re-Claim: Explain one-sided pressure?

Sina: When playing racquet sports, you might notice that you generally use one side of your body — the dominant arm — more than the other. Usually about 70 per cent of the pressure goes through that arm.

Sina: This can be serious as agility and strength tends to come from one side of the body, which can lead to muscle imbalances.

Sina: When training for racquet sports, it is therefore important to remember to strengthen both sides equally because an imbalance can lead to injuries.

Sina: Core strength is equally important as it helps stabilise the balance between the left and the right.

Re-Claim: So, what’s some training techniques that can be used?

Sina: Tennis strength training requires a highly specified training routine to isolate the muscles used for playing tennis. As each body part requires isolated training, athletes can adapt a lot of techniques from other sports and fitness techniques. This is obviously great for everyone, too

Sina: Upper body strength can be adapted from martial arts such as boxing and Muay Thai as well as lower body agility. Lower body strength can be adapted from general fitness and CrossFit techniques.

Sina: Speed can be adapted from track and field techniques and agility from ball sports such as football.

Sina: The full-body workout then has to be supervised to bring a balance into all these isolated trainings to achieve the optimal body performance for an athlete.

Racquet Sports Fitness Training

Tennis training techniques can be applied to Badminton

Tennis Fusion Fitness Exercises

Strength Exercises

— Core strength exercises adapted from Martial Arts and Handball / Basketball

  • Side or twisting crunches
  • Standing Russian twists
  • Chest throws with medicine ball
  • Overhead throws with medicine ball
  • Side throws with medicine ball

— Upper Body strength exercises adapted from Martial Arts and Climbing Sports

  • Push Ups
  • Pull Ups
  • Lateral shoulder raises, forward shoulder raises
  • Wrist curls, wrist rotations
  • Triceps extensions, bicep curls

— Upper Body strength exercises

  • Dead lift
  • Lunges
  • Squats

Agility Exercises

— Agility ladders adapted from Football

Speed Exercises

— Cardiovascular circuits adapted from Athletics

Sina Port Fusion Fitness

Speed exercises can be adapted from many sports

Re-Claim: Wow, that’s great advice. Thanks Sina.

The aim of these collective exercises is a full-body workout that strengthens the core, the upper and lower body as well as the left and right sided limbs and muscles.

Tennis players and racquet sports athletes require this balance to maximise their performance. But it is something all athletes should look to employ.

Tune into our blog for more tips from our Team Re-Claim athletes.

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Athletify’s Sina Port Joins Team Re-Claim

Sina Port Joins Team Re-Claim


At Re-Claim, we love passionate athletes and our latest addition to Team Re-Claim, Sina Port, is no exception.

Sina Port is the founder and lead coach of the fitness and travel community Athletify The World.

The tennis athlete started her mission to live and teach an athletic lifestyle since her early teenage years.

As an elite junior she found her passion for movement and later as a coach she developed a unique style of incorporating athletic movements from tennis and fusing them with general fitness elements.

Connecting passionate athletes from different cultures, her goal is to create a global movement to “athletify” people’s lives.

“I just need to look around for inspiration. Movement is everywhere. We just have to watch and learn,” she says. “Being able to engage in many types of movement brings balance into an athlete’s life.

“The designing of dynamic workout routines by fusing distinct tennis techniques into general fitness concepts helps athletes to create a complex movement structure.

“These structures fuel the already existent techniques with strength and flexibility and additionally avoids one-sided pressure which athletes often face, especially in tennis.”


Sina Port Joins Team Re-Claim


Being a former health educator in fitness and youth sports with a background in International Business, Sina is in charge of athletic projects in Europe and Asia for Athletify The World.

The German-American coach redefines the concept of movement and knows all too well the consequences of serious sports injuries.

“Injuries are inevitable and often occur when least expected.

“I was facing injuries in the early stages of my career and apart from valuable time you lose while recovering, the reliable support system was often missing as I was travelling and specialists are not always at hand.

Sina Port Joins Team Re-Claim

“Re-Claim helps me to concentrate on how to gain back my focus without worrying about my healing process. No matter in which part of the world I am, I don´t have to worry about finding the right specialists any more.”

We’re excited to welcome Sina to Team Re-Claim.

Stay tuned to hear more sport stories from Sina via Facebook & Instagram over the next few weeks.

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